Good morning sunshines!

My breakfast was full of great fall flavors:


Whole Classics Toasted Maple Nut coffee with skim and PureVia.

Ok, so this wasn’t my first time trying the coffee – I bought it before my Hawaiian Macadamia Nut but thought it was too strong.  However, today was better!  The PureVia made it really sweet and using half a tablespoon less really made a difference.  It was definitely maple-y!

Good news!  If you have these items (or items closely resembling them):


You have all the ingredients you need for homemade Apple Cinnamon Cheerios!  While the ones that Cheerios makes are great, these are great and include real fruit!

PA140753PA1407541 cup MultiGrain Cheerios, 1/2 cup skim milk, half of a fresh-picked apple, and a more than generous sprinkling of cinnamon.

They were sooo good!  I’ll definitely use this combo again!  Off to three classes – getting tests back in two and snacking in a third.  I have a new and hopefully delicious lunch planned – see you then!