It’s hard to believe global warming exists when it’s 30 degrees outside when I wake up in mid-October.  After trying to talk myself out of my run, going back inside to change leggings and grab new headphones, I ran the 3.5 miles my training plan calls for at about a 10 mile and hour pace, which is normal for me.  Before my run, I quieted my tummy with a mini Clif Crunchy Peanut Butter bar.

Breakfast #2:


An Amy’s Breakfast Burrito!  After cooking for 1.5 minutes on both sides, grabbing my coffee and hot sauce, I had this:


Amy’s Breakfast Burrito, Frank’s Red Hot, and the last of my New England Coffee Hawaiian Macadamia Nut.

Amy’s Breakfast Burrito Opinion
When I saw that jalapenos were the dead last ingredient, I thought it might need some extra spice – and I was right.  Overall, the taste that shined through were the black beans – and really nothing else.  It was good, but nothing special.  I’d eat it again but only if I wasn’t buying.  2/5.
Texture: The chunks of tofu and potato were great with the creamy black beans and chewy wrap. 4/5.
Fill Factor:
Great for only 250 calories – it kept me full all morning until lunch!  5/5.
Ingredients: Yay for mostly organic ingredients!  I’ll have to look into what expeller pressed high oleic safflower oil and tapioca powder are,  and I’m curious what “spices” they’re referring to.  4/5.

I’m sad my macadamia nut coffee is gone :0( But I do have a bag of Maple Toasted Nut waiting for tomorrow!

Lunch was eaten at work:


A pepper turkey and Garlic & Herb Laughing Cow wedge on an Arnold’s 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin, a Tazo Passion tea, and a pluot!

Mmm I LOVE pepper turkey!  The spicy turkey with the garlicky cheese was perfect on my favorite Arnold’s Sandwich Thin!

The Pluot:  I saw these at Big Y on my excursion last week and snagged one to try!  What I thought: with two fruit to live up to, I had high hopes – but to be honest, it didn’t really taste like anything.  The texture was great and plum-like though!  Maybe it’s not the season for pluots?  Are there even seasons for cross-fruits?

Mid-afternoon I scarfed down a banana, and dinner was an unphotographed whole wheat wrap with turkey, lettuce, tomato, jalapeno, and roasted red pepper hummus from the dining hall with a few orange slices.  After my school’s Homecoming pageant, I had my favorite snack!  A strawberry Chobani (legit addicted) with a cup of Kashi Honey Sunshine cereal.  No pic :(.  It’s honestly a rare day that I don’t eat Greek yogurt.  A lot of times if I realize I haven’t eaten it all day, I’ll plan it into my dinner or snack later.  I think I need some sort of group …