It is SNOWING here in Connecticut!  Up here winter usually starts a little earlier but this is mid October – it’s crazy and SO cold out.

Midmorning I warmed up with a Tazo Awake tea (unpictured) and snacked on this banana I snapped a picture of this morning:


Ignore the horrible state of my nail polish.  Once my midterms are over (tomorrow!) I’ll work on that …

Last week I picked up some Nasoya Extra-Firm Tofu.  I never really cook, let alone with new foods I haven’t had much experience with, but I’ve been really wanting to try tofu after a few gross dining hall experiences.  I drained it, chopped it up, and baked it with some barbeque sauce, salt, and pepper a few days ago and it’s been sitting in my fridge waiting for a free meal ever since.

It finally got its chance today!  I threw it into a skillet to warm it up for a few minutes, then added three egg whites.  I scrambled that mixture up until the eggs were cooked and wrapped it into a partially eaten FlatOut wrap.  Plated with the other half of my apple from this morning’s cereal with cinnamon:


It was soooo good!  Since I have a midterm tomorrow and the rest of my sorority will be at the last, huge homecoming event being held tonight, I’m going to make dinner in our house.  I almost never eat in the dining hall – that I pay $2000+ a semester for – but the food is bland, often gross, and with a lot of unknown ingredients.  I really prefer to shell out money for groceries every week.  For me, knowing where my food comes from and what exactly is in it is totally worth it.

Off to one last class then studying for the night :0(  My training plan calls for stretch and strength, so some yoga will definitely be my study break!  I can’t wait to use my new mat!