After my last post, I went downstairs to our kitchen and threw a plain but delicious (and hydrating) dinner together:


Romaine and bbq tofu salad (the last of my bbq tofu! 😦 ) and some frozen grapes.

It was so good, but I got full really quickly.  My hunger is so off.  I didn’t even finish!  That’s SO unlike me.  Usually I eat everything on my plate .. which is one of the reasons I used to weigh more.  I don’t know why, I just have the compulsion to finish everything in front of me.  I can’t just leave food.  My parents never forced me to eat everything on my plate or guilted me about starving children in Africa, so it’s really weird that I do that.  Do you need to finish everything or can you leave food?  Or do you have to leave food?

I had all of this left:


I guess it’s not that much that’s left, but like I said, it’s really strange for me to leave anything – especially grapes!  I inhale them.

I’m literally getting into bed right now – at 9:30.  I’m 80 years old and I don’t care.  I’m doing the breast cancer walk in Hartford with a bunch of my sisters tomorrow!  I’m so excited, it’s such a great cause.  Maybe it’s because I’m a woman, but I always have had such a soft spot for breast cancer research/donations/causes.  I even bought a bottle of Sutter Home White Zinfindel the other day because it had a pink ribbon on it!  Just supporting the cause …

Good night!