Another day of not-so-great weather :(.  Doing the 5k walk for breast cancer in this downpour should be interesting …

Anyway, last night after I got into bed around 9:30, I couldn’t fall asleep til about 1!  Probably because of my nap earlier in the day, but still – I was exhausted.  Around 11 I wanted to something to munch on, so I grabbed some of these:


Kashi 7 Grain crackers.

After finally falling asleep, I still woke up pretty early around 7.  I went downstairs to do some yoga, but someone was sleeping in our common room :(.  I just came back upstairs and played on the computer for a little before I felt ready for breakfast, which when eventually made was this:


Blueberry Chobani with Multi-Grain Cheerios, Toasted Maple Nut coffee with skim and PureVia.

My 10k training plan calls for 35 minutes of cross-training, which is perfect since we’re walking 3.1 miles!  Off to get ready!