No, not weight-wise.  I didn’t mention it yesterday, but over the weekend there was a horrific attack on my campus.  At about 12:30 am Saturday night/Sunday morning, a fire alarm in the Student Union was pulled.  When everyone was outside, a fight broke out and two people were stabbed.  One of the men died, a football player, Jasper Howard.  The other victim was released from the hospital. I think they know who did it, but no one has been caught/arrested.

While there have been sexual assaults on campus that have been publicized, there has not been a MURDER.  It is completely horrific and I’m extremely creeped out.  Last night I went out to my car alone in the dark to get something and had to ask myself if I was safe.  Even with those previous assaults, I have never in 4 years felt unsafe on my campus.  We live in such a rural area (there are legitimately cows outside my window) that violent crime is almost unheard of.  As sad as it is, sexual assault on a college campus is not all that surprising.  Stabbings, on the other hand …

There’s a very quiet and weird vibe on campus right now – and I haven’t even been to class yet.  This crime is terrifying and devastating to our school – especially when it happened to a prominent figure the day we won our Homecoming game.

Anyway – I really wanted to run this morning, but it’s just too cold – apparently it feels like it’s 20 degrees.  I can go this afternoon after work, but I reallyyyyy need to get some winter running gear because soon it won’t matter what time of day I go.  Afterall, this happened yesterday:


More October snow.  Normal, Storrs.  Breakfast was soo good and refreshing!


Toasted Maple Nut coffee with skim and PureVia, Chobani Vanilla with chopped Honeycrisp and cinnamon.

Gotta get ready for class!