This morning was not my favorite.  When I opened the freezer to make my delicious breakfast:


Kashi GoLean waffles with a Honeycrisp, Toasted Maple Nut coffee with skim and PureVia

I discovered that some of my food was missing.  Ultimately not cool.  I was in a bad mood the rest of the morning, even after eating the pumpkin pie I packed:


As soon as I got to work at 2 I ate my lunch, which immediately put me in a better mood.

PA190904Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin with pepper turkey, Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb, romaine, and sriracha + grapes.

I guess since I felt better immediately I really just needed some whole foods in my tummy and my blood sugar was low.  But still.  Stealing = not cool.  Stealing food = even not cool-er.  I’m also drinking a Coke Zero due to my hostility towards the world and new found love for them.

I have another long run planned for blowing off steam later.  Can’t wait.  I also love that I can’t wait to run!!  I think I’ll go post some more OB notes as the Coke Zero has reached my pea-sized bladder in record timing.

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