So back to yesterday afternoon …

Two hours after I ate my lunch at work, I was hungry again.  Luckily I had packed for such an emergency.


A Clif Mini Mojo Bar in Dipped Chocolate Peanut that I snagged at my school’s Health Fair a few weeks ago.  It was pretty good.  Chocolately, peanutty – and with pretzels too!  I think I need the full-sized bar to give a full review though.  Also, it went down pretty fast …

Anyway, still in a not-great mood in the afternoon, I rushed home from work, threw on some running clothes (shorts and a t-shirt, because it was in the mid-sixties) and ran my same 4-mile route from the day before.  Again, I love that route.  And running just made me feel SO MUCH better.

Still, I escaped to Starbucks to be alone and write a paper for a few hours.  On the way over, I picked up my daily dinner wrap to go.  I got a Venti Iced Green Tea (unsweetened) and whipped out the giant hummus container I brought with me to slather on my wrap.  Yes, I got looks, but from a man who was doing a wood carving .. at Starbucks.  So I just looked right back.  I also whipped out a Tupperware container full of frozen grapes and devoured them.  At least it was healthy emotional eating.  I actually did get my paper done in between blog reading and general procrastination, so that’s good.  After being alone for a few hours off campus, I did feel much much better and came home in a good mood.

Last night after my shower, my legs felt and still do feel a little stiff from running a distance I just recently worked up to two days in a row.  Today I have a gym date planned for after work with my new Women’s Health.

Breakfast was boring.  Just some eggs that needed to be eaten and an apple:

PA200914Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin with 1 egg + 1 egg white, a Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedge, and a Golden Delicious (?) snagged from the d-hall.

The usual cup of coffee was also consumed.

Not long ago (3 days) I posted pictures of the snow outside.  Today, high 68.  Tomorrow, high 69.  Connecticut MAKE UP YOUR MIND.  New England is so fickle in seasons.  Be back for lunch!