.. is the forecast for today.  I’m going to try to squeeze a run in before this Indian summer disappears.

After the test I set myself up for, I headed back to my dorm, found my ID, changed, and went to the gym.  No harm done.  15 minutes on the bike (I get so bored and Women’s Health was not doing it for me this month) and 20 minutes on the stair stepper and I called it a day.

But back to lunch …

PA200915PA200916The usual (how do you spell the abbreviation for usual??) – Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich thin with pepper turkey, Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb, sriracha, and romaine, + the other half of my apple from breakfast.

In between work and the gym, I ate some almonds and walnuts for some non-bar energy.

I actually made dinner last night (not a wrap!) and it was full of veggies!


Romaine with the last of my bbq tofu, hummus blob, feta, mango lime salsa (a lá Stonewall Kitchen), and a baked sweet potato.

Literally I threw random things I found in my tiny fridge into the salad and it turned out pretty good.  I probably wouldn’t put the bbq tofu in there again, since it wasn’t savory like the rest of it and didn’t really go well.  I also had an apple that was supposed to be in there, but when I chopped it open parts of it were gray?  Normal.  Into the garbage it went.

After sorority things and a meeting with friends to book our spring break trip (Ft. Lauderdale 2010!!), I came home starving at 11:30 and knew what I wanted.


The elusive pineapple Chobani I found weeks ago (Greek yogurt has a great fridge life) and has been waiting patiently for me ever since.


Roommate sleeping in dark = crappy flash pictures.  Fail of the month?  Waiting so long to eat this.  It. Was. AMAZING.  I was weary of the pineapple-yogurt combo, but Chobani knows what they’re doing.  I should have had faith – they’ve never steered me wrong before.  What’s a little saturated fat for this decadence?  Because it really is decadent.  Mmmm I wish I had more …

Since my breakfast has so far consisted of this:


Toasted Maple Nut coffee with skim (back in stock) and PureVia + children’s literature of the Harlem Renaissance

I’m off to make some real breakfast!