So after I was starving for dinner and sitting in traffic trying to get a mile across campus, I was relieved to finally reach the dining hall.  I should not have been.

I just wanted a huge salad, as I’ve been craving the past few days.  The salad bar (at the “best” dining hall) had NOTHING.  I almost cried.  I loaded my plate with iceberg, broccoli and mushrooms, thinking at least salsa and hummus could save this salad.  Nope.  There was neither.  REALLY?  There was sriracha that I poured on – something I’ve never seen on campus before – but no hummus or salsa.  So angry. I spotted some french onion soup and grabbed a bowl.

I ate a few bites of the most bland salad ever before giving up on moving onto the soup.  It was ok, considering it was definitely condensed from a can filled with sodium.  If only my mouth hadn’t been on fire from the sriracha I poured on trying to get some flavor on that hot mess of a salad.  Fail.  I ate a small apple and downed my water, trying to fill up for my meeting so that I wouldn’t be starving.  I was actually satisfied and made it through my hour plus-long meeting just fine.

But as soon as I got home I made a huge snack – giant yogurt fruit bowl time!  I think this is how I got through chapter …
1/2 cup plain 0% Chobani, a kiwi, half of a Red Anjou pear, two strawberries, and half a Kashi Honey 7 Grain granola plank.

Glorious.  Justttt what I needed.

I was low on grains today?  Weird for me.  This counts.

Kashi, I want to build you a shrine.  Everything you make is just so amazing and I love the fact that I can feel good about eating it.

I love my fruit and yogurt bowls because they take a while to eat and are so big!  And obvs delicious and healthy.  I could live on yogurt and fruit bowls and veggie hummus platters.  Really, very easily.  With hunks of grainy bread thrown in for chewy goodness.

I tried something new today – Meatless Monday.  Just testing it out.  I was totally fine without eating any meat today but I’m not sure about my protein intake.  The yogurt and granola bar were the only significant sources, I think.  Unless a z-bar has as much protein as a few slices of turkey.  Doubtful.

It’s 9:29 and my roommate and I are in bed watching Intervention.  Perfect end to Monday.  Goodnight!