Good afternoon (evening?)!

Lunch was that great tuscan bean salad from the Student Union I had last week, but this time I have a pic!
Romaine with white bean salad, banana peppers (not enough!), diced tomatoes, green beans, and white balsamic vinaigrette on the side.

For some reason it wasn’t as good as last time, but still yummy!  Definitely not enough banana peppers though – I need spicy!

At work, one of the other interns and I had a really interesting conversation with my boss/our Greek adviser/a sorority sister about body image and eating disorders/disordered eating in college.  One of the organizations I belong to is trying to combat this problem within the Panhellenic community.  Right now it’s really basic but nutrition and health are obviously huge interests of mine so I really hope that by the time I graduate in May we’ll have done some great things and paved the way for the organization to grow and do great things.

Snack at work was a new (to me) z-bar!

One of the Spooky S’mores bars I snagged at Whole Foods!

It tastes just like the chocolate chip one (not complaining) with marshmallows!  Who doesn’t love marshmallow added to chocolate chips?  No one.  Loved it.

After work I really didn’t want to go running, but persuaded myself with a short run of 2-3 miles.  Thinking about it, it’s hilarious that I used to not be able to make it through my 2.5 mile cross country races without stopping to walk and now anything less than 3 miles is “short” to me.  I ended up doing about 2.65 miles in 24:14 – a little over 9 minutes/mile.  That’s so great for me!  Especially since I end on a ginormous hill.  And spell check just told me that “ginormous” is indeed a word.  Will Ferrel must be proud.

When I was “running” up the mountain I live on, I realized that I ALWAYS stay to the right of the sidewalk.  I veered around some people walking and immediately shifted back to the right side.  Does anyone else do this?  Or maybe you have to stay on the left or center??  I think maybe I subconsciously think that I’m driving or something.  Or I’m just weird.  Either way.

I need food soon – I’m going to meet some of my sisters for dinner in a little thank God.  Dinner will probably be an unpictured salad.  I know, I suck.