Last night at my very short meetings, I had half a banana to fuel my gym trip.  There, I did 20 minutes on the stair stepper, 10 on the stationary bike (too boring to continue) and 20 minutes of speed walking at an incline.  I was there longer than usual, but it was all so low-impact that I didn’t really feel like I did anything :(.

Obviously I burned some calories though, because my after-gym snack of a giant Cortland and cinnmon:


needed to be supplanted by grapes right before bed:


on the same paper plate.  Ohhhhh, college.

This morning I woke up and made the usual coffee in an unusual mug:

PA250975My UConn one is missing but I remembered I had this one that my mom gave me a couple Valentine’s Days ago .. yes, the only V-Day present I get is from my mom.  At least I know she loves me!

A while later I decided this was the perfect breakfast:


2 Kashi GoLean waffles with a Cortland and cinnamon.

I LOVED being the “pledge mom” to our new members, it was a truly great experience – but I am relieved that the most stressful part of my job as chapter educator is over.  I feel like this week is going to be great!  I feel great knowing that I taught our new sisters everything I could about our amazing sorority.  They’re all SUCH amazing girls.  I really couldn’t be prouder of them :)!

This week also starts something new to balance in my life – my job search.  I have one dream job I’ve started securing recommendations and applying for, but I’m also going to take my resume to Career Services for them to look over and really start searching.

Last year, when I decided I wanted to go into Highed Ed and Student Affairs, I planned to apply to grad schools and take the GRE this semester.  A few weeks in, with school, work, having a huge position, and trying to live my life in general, I realized I needed to take a step back.  Something needed to be cut.  So I decided to take the GREs later and apply to grad schools for admission in fall 2011, not 2010.  I feel really great about this decision.  First of all, it took a huge weight off of my shoulders.  I really could not have been studying for the GREs and applying to grad schools on top of everything else going on right now.  Secondly, I’m really looking forward to moving back home for a year and spending some time with my family before I move away.  I’ve really missed them more this year than anything.  Thirdly, saving money by living at home = :).  Obviously, I’ll still do some of my own grocery shopping, but that bill will get cut down too.

I used to view people who moved back home after graduation as somewhat failures.  I don’t know why I did that.  I know this decision is right for me at this point in my life.

This will all change, of course, if I land my dream job ;).