I was not expecting it to rain today!  It really put a damper on my plans for a run later after work.  I might try to make it to a pilates class at 8, but I also really need to go to the library.  I hate that I’m so busy I often have to choose between school work and exercise.  It’s really not fair.  Both are extremely important to me, but with it getting colder, it’s hard to go out in the morning for a run.  I keep meaning to buy cold weather running gear, but I need a lot of other things as well and I also need to be saving my money.  I know that when I start working I’ll have my own bills to pay and things I need to save for, but it will really be nice to be earning more than $10 an hour.  Really nice.

On this dreary day, I knew I wanted some apple cinnamon multigrain Cheerios to brighten my day!

Picture 002Picture 001

1 cup Multigrain Cheerios with half of a chopped apple, skim milk, and cinnamon + the usual coffee.

Yum.  Since the day started off with rain and gloom, I decided to take some pictures of things that make me happy:
Picture 005

My Halloween socks.
Picture 006
This lotion that smells like blueberries and pomegranates.
Picture 007
My bar box.
Picture 009
The fact that these are two books for one of my classes.

My lunch DID make me happy when I packed it:
Picture 003Picture 004

Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin with pepper turkey, Laughing Cow Light Swiss, romaine, and salsa + the other half of my apple from bfast and a banana.

Tuesday’s I go from 3 classes straight to work, 9:30-5.  Gross.  Eating tends to be sporadic, so I pack my lunch and a snack.  I had a second coffee midmorning (iced french vanilla with skim and Splenda mmmm) so I only ate my by-then-very-smushed banana in class at 12:30ish.  I got to work a little before 2 to eat my apple and sammie.

The lettuce layers I cafefully constructed this morning did nothing to prevent the salsa from soaking my poor sandwich thin :(.  Some salsa juice even escaped my plastic baggie and got the bottom of my bag (including my camera) wet.  We really need more plastic wrap in the house.  Sandwich bags fail at holding the sammie together!

I’m sipping a Tazo Zen green tea, trying to feel more zen about my day.  But since lunch has left me unsatisfied and I don’t know how/when/what I’ll be eating for dinner, I’m going to keep thinking about the things that make me happy (Halloween socks are sadly hidden under my Uggs but at least I know they’re there).