After my coffee, I got a sudden craving for Gnu Cinnamon Raisin bar!  So random, but I had I good number of them over the summer and have run out without replenishing my stock :(.  My craving made me realize exactly what I wanted for breakfast – cinnamon raisin oats!  I also knew that I wanted bananas in my oatmeal and to use up my perishables.  Hence:

Picture 001

Cinnamon Raisin Egg White Banana Oatmeal (CREWB)

I used:
1/4 cup oats (didn’t think this would be enough, but it was)
1/4 cup skim
half a banana
1 egg white

I remember seeing someone use an egg white in oatmeal for protein.  I need to use my eggs up and I need protein = perfect.  Obvs I was craving my cinnamon raisin-ness, but my oatmeal is incomplete without a banana.  With so many add-ins, and remembering that RhodeyGirl doesn’t use that many oats in her bowls, I tested out the quarter-cup amount and it was perfect.

These oats were SO GOOD.  Seriously.  I don’t think you understand.  I am in love.  I really didn’t think the pictures of the whole bowl did them justice, so here’s the end of my deliciousness:

Picture 003Nom nom nom nom nom

I missed it immediately.  About the egg – I was too lazy to really mix it in and when the bowl was foaming out of the microwave, I thought: “FAIL – I hope this is edible.”  And it was.  With chunks of egg white.  But you know what?  It worked.  I’d do it again and this time on purpose.  The egg white gave it a nice balance since the banana, raisins, and cinnamon made my oats super sweet.  My friends, I think savory oats are in my future.  My very near future. 

Then I packed my lunch:

Picture 004Picture 005Picture 006Fruit, yogurt, and granola bowl + Dasani!

It was:
1/2 Red Anjou pear
1/2 monster Cortland apple
3 strawberries
1 kiwi (with skin!)
1/2 cup plain 0% Chobani
1 Kashi TLC Honey Toasted 7 Grain crunchy granola bar plank

LOVE.  And my delish oats had held me over ALL MORNING – nearly unheard of.  My tummy wasn’t even grumbling when I sat down for lunch.  But really, who could resist this?  Not I. 

So last night, I was kind of anxious about going out to dinner (especially since I didn’t know what the shrimp was sautéd in) PLUS not exercising yesterday.  Yesterday, my scale told me I was also up a pound, which I suspected was because of that high sodium french onion soup from Monday night.  Today the scale was back where it should be, so I think I was right about the salt intake and also gave me confidence about the choices I make when I go out to eat. 

It’s gross and rainy out again today so no run 😦  But I’m heading to the gym after work with Michael Pollan for our date with the stair stepper and a brief and boring treadmill run.  I’m also hoping my amazing meals of today continue into dinner!