Everything I did today was successful!

Gym Success:

  • 20 minutes elliptical with “Ghost Hunters”
  • 20 minutes StairMaster (the real one!!) with Michael Pollan
  • really quick adduction/abduction leg machines

Lunch Success:

2 witch-finger-like adult carrots, the rest of my sugar snap peas, crack wrap, Stonewall Kitchen Blue Cheese Herb Mustard + Polar Pomegranate seltz

Once I realized there were in the house:

I realized I could make a crack wrap, a lá Mama Pea.  This sounded like a delish dipper:
I was right.

My crack wrap contained the remains of my hummus and an light swiss LC wedge, wrapped and grilled lightly on the stove in a LaTortilla factory WW tortilla.

Shopping Success:
Jeans on sale for $40 at Aber
Running legging capris at Tarjey
New Uggies!  I love them, I’m sorry.  Actually – I’m not.

[insert Macintosh-y snack here]

Dinner Success:
2 more adult carrots (not so witch finger-y), 2 cups of Pacific Organics Creamy Butternut Squash soup, crack wrap with Sabra Pine Nut Hummus, LC light swiss wedge, and roasted chicken breast

SO DELISH.  When I was peeling my carrots for lunch and dins, I was remembering doing it to have carrots as a nighttime snack when I was younger.  I’ve always loved carrots.  My mom claims my skin even took on a slightly orange tinge as a toddler, but it was probably just a reflection of my bright Irish hair on my pale Irish skin.  The carrot snacks were before I discovered Ben & Jerry’s as an adolescent and thought that a pint = a serving size.  Fail.

The soup was so good.  I’ve been meaning to try this for a while, and when I saw it in my cabinet yesterday, I knew I had to break it out for dinner.  It was thick and creamy, like a bisque – but much less fat.  It was also the reduced sodium version, which I appreciated, and great, since it didn’t need any additional salt or spices!  I could definitely taste the garlic, ginger, and nutmeg listed in the ingredients.  They complemented the creamy squash really well.  The leftover roasted chicken was a great addition to my already amazing crack wrap.

Now that I’ve gotten sick of “Ghost Hunters” and after mad flippage (really, You, Me, and DupreeFootloose?  Where is the Halloween spirit???) found my sorority sista Rue McClanahan (aka Blanche the slut of “Golden Girls”) on “Celebrity Ghost Stories,” I’m going to warm up a Spooky S’mores bar and continue ignoring my homework and laundry…