Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I think it’s because I love fall, and it’s such a huge part of the season.  I love the leaves, the decorations, the food (pumpkin!), the clothes, everythingggg!

Last night I tried to get in the ultimate Halloween-y mood with some scary movies.  BUT NOTHING WAS ON!  Um, world?  When did the Halloween love stop?  Disney, what happened to Hocus Pocus?  ABC Family, That 70’s Show” doesn’t jump out at me as an obvious choice for your 13 nights of Halloween.  Holiday fail, television.  Le sigh.

Breakfast was boring but what I was craving:

PA301093PA3010923 egg whites + LC French Onion wedge and apple with cinnamon + coffee with skim, PureVia, and cinnamon

The amount of cinnamon and apples I eat is absurd.  But delicious.

Last night’s snack attack:

PA301088Strawberry Chobz + 1 cup Cheerios

Only took that one crappy picture because the mess needed to be in my stomach ASAP.  But at least I used my Little Mermaid spoon!  Was yummy.


Plus a few grapes before bed.  There were more than this originally …

I knew I wanted cereal and yogurt.  I had seen the Cheerios in my fam’s cabinet earlier when I was cooking my delish multigrain cereal and intended to use those.  I went in to grab them and saw the Kashi H2H I eat but apparently no one else does since it’s left over from summer.  I debated.  I ingredient checked.  Cheerios, why is sugar so high up on your ingredient list?  They aren’t even sweet!  And modified corn starch?  Uncool.  But while 1 serving of the British goodbyes have 1g of sugar, H2H has 5 grams for a smaller serving!  Since the strawberry yogurt has mad sugar, I went with the Cheerios.

I felt really good about my decision and how I made it – by being informed.  While I think that nutrition labels do need a lot of work, I also believe that they are a completely useful and necessary tool for making smart decisions everyday. This article is really great and eye-opening. I completely agree with all of the author’s points. Does anyone else find it weird and a little insulting that the FDA thinks we need labels on the FRONT of our food? Are Americans really that lazy that we can’t be bothered to TURN A BOX AROUND?

Was there one person/event/article that really convinced you to pay attention to what you eat?  And how much of it you should be eating?  For me, it was the intro to nutrition class I took my freshman year.  Keeping a week-long food journal pretty much ended me 900+ calorie salad and 1000+ calorie muffin habit.  Yes, UConn has these things.  I really don’t even know how you make a MUFFIN contain more than a thousand calories.  I’m actually really impressed/curious.

Today I WILL:

  • Finish my laundry
  • GYM!
  • STUDY!!
  • Find a semi dress
  • Find jeans that fit and don’t pull off like sweatpants (welcome, but annoying)
  • Find some winter running gear
  • TJ’s?  Pumpkin butter … I need you

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