In addition to school, work, healthy eating, and exercising, I have one more think I need to work on balancing – money.  Since my incredibly necessary new Ugg purchase has left my bank account a little low, I’m really trying to use up the food that I have and hold off shopping for even the essentials as long as I can.  Hence, this incredibly random and thrown together lunch:

Picture 005Picture 006Picture 008Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin – LC light swiss wedge, bbq sauce, and romaine + carrots and roasted red pepper hummus + a kiwi

Wait – what’s on my sandwich?  Laughing Cow, bbq sauce, and lettuce.  My turkey went bad (lesson of buying too much learned) and I don’t think raisins and roasted red pepper hummus would have made a good sammie – especially without spinach.

My milk was bad this morning (bought too much!) so I used some from our fridge that didn’t have a name on it!  Those were also the last of my baby carrots – and veggied, minus the large amount of organic romaine I still have.

I’m also sipping on a Snickerkicker coffee with skim and Splenda – it’s really just cinnamon, but the company our cafes use has some fun names!  The smell of our secretary’s fries is wafting over here … but I’ve got my kiwi!