Have you ever watched this on the Travel Channel?  This guy goes around the country and takes outrageous food challenges.  It’s pretty entertaining and fun to watch him try to eat these ENORMOUS amounts of food – and sometimes, the food wins.  I’d be really curious to find out his cholesterol levels …

I had a Spooky S’more Z-Bar and a Kashi granola bar packed as snack options, but I only got hungry when I got home from work around 4 and I knew I was eating soon, so the bars went untouched.  Dinner was a giant (unpictured) salad from the d-hall, consisting of:
Baby spinach
Shredded carrots
Cucumber slices
Red and white onions
Red pepper strips
Topped with lots of salsa and hummus 🙂

After dinner I went on a quick grocery run for milk!  I couldn’t wait – I need it for my morning coffee.  I was also REALLY craving hot chocolate, so I grabbed a box of low-cal mix.  I made a giant mug with water when I got back and it was surprisingly rich tasting for a “diet” hot cocoa made with water.  It was just what I wanted 🙂

I started getting really hungry for a big snack.  I knew I wanted something with a warmed apple.  I debated just heating one up with granola, but I felt like it needed something else.  Greek yogurt?  No, I didn’t want warm apple & granola with cold yogurt.  Then I remembered my Kashi GoLean waffles …

PB041181Organic Braeburn with cinnamon + 2 Kashi GoLean waffles

So good – exactly what I was craving!  I loveeee these waffles, and when you pair them with a sweet apple – I know it sounds crazy – but it taste like a donut!  Unless all of those leftovers from last night wafted their flavor through the freezer, plastic bag, box, and second plastic bag …

I swear, it really did taste like a sweet vanilla frosted donut!  Off to blog reading and bed – good night!