Good morning!  I woke up at 6 to catch up on some homework I neglected yesterday – but no time for a run :(.  Of course, I had a delicious cup and a half of Archer Farms Fudge Brownie with skim and PureVia.  I didn’t get hungry for breakfast til 8:30!  My hunger is so strange in the morning.  Sometimes I can wait a couple hours to eat, other times I jump out of bed ravenous.

PB0411833 egg whites with salt, pepper, and Frank’s

PB041184PB041185On an Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin + LC French Onion wedge
PB041188Mini banana with cinnamon!

Cinnamon makes breakfast.  I swear it tastes great on any fruit!

I also downed a glass of water – staying hydrated!  Lunch is a packed random mixture of small things because of 4 hours of back to back classes and the gym, with Michael Pollan obviously.  Have a great morning!