I’m so glad it’s Friday!  Today is payday and shopping day!  I need to hit up Big Y for a few goodies for the week and the mall for a dress for our semi-formal tomorrow – I’m so excited, it’s so fun to get dressed up with everyone.

I got up early this morning to study for my test and made my usual coffee with skim and PureVia.  A couple hours later I made a new yogurt bowl!

PB051194I mixed a single serve of plain 0% Chobani with about 1/3 cup of pumpkin and added cinnamon and the walnut pieces from an Emerald Nuts 100 calorie pack of almonds & walnuts.  Then I added a cup of MultiGrain Cheerios:

It was great but definitely needed vanilla extract, which we don’t have in the house :(.  The walnuts were a great addition too although I wish I had added more.  It wasn’t very filling though – I’m hungry again just three hours later – and not just for a snack.  Before I go shopping, I’m definitely stopping at the dining hall for a ginorm salad.  I also stopped at the Student Union for another coffee before my test, a hazelnut with skim and Splenda.  5 hours of sleep does not cut it for me, to the point where caffeine doesn’t help at all.

I was planning a short run for after my test but I’m so sleepy and it’s COLD and windy out.  Worst combo ever.  The cold I can deal with, but it just gets so hard to breathe in the wind.  I’m hoping it’ll be nicer by this afternoon but if not, I’ll just do some yoga – my shoulders and upper back have been so tight!

See you later!