I was exhausted all afternoon and last night, hence no posting.  I did get a dress for semi tonight!  From Forever, obviously.  It’s strapless and deep purple with pockets – exactly what I was looking for!  I ended up not going food shopping yesterday since the mall took so much out of me. Before the mall, I went to get an early lunch with one of my sisters.  I had some grapes and the usual dining hall salad – spinach, cukes, carrots, mushrooms, salsa, broccoli, and hummus.  Boring.  I also snacked on a granny smith during the shopping excursion.  I couldn’t figure out why I was SO hungry yesterday, but then I remembered that I only had 5 hours of sleep.  No sleep = raging appetite.

When I got back, I napped for a few hours, ran some errands for tonight, picked up part of dinner from the Student Union, and came back to the house to eat.
PB061197PB061198Balsamic grilled veggies (zucchini, squash, red peppers, onions, mushroom) and a crack wrap (La Tortilla WW tortilla with roasted red pepper hummus and an LC garlic & herb wedge)

SO perfect together and exactly what I was craving.  Those grilled veggies are the best thing UConn offers anywhere – I could eat them everyday.  Don’t you enjoy florescent dorm kitchen lighting?  Dinner was eaten with Patrick Dempsey and James Marsden, a lá Enchanted.  Haven’t seen it?  Watch it now.  Thank me later.

Dins actually kept me full until bedtime … which was incredibly early anyway.  Long day + no sleep makes me even more of grandma than I already am.  Of course, it also feels great to wake up early (7:30) naturally!  I did just under (REALLY mapmyrun, 4.95???) 5 miles in about 48 minutes – I had to stop for lights and to give someone directions.

It’s funny to notice that last week, my ~5.3 miler was done at least two minutes faster.  I really notice the hills I run here in my time compared to my time on the flat trail I run at home.  Honestly, I kind of expected it to be a bigger time increase, so I’m pretty pleased considering I live on top of a mountain.

Before my run, I ate this:

PB061199The other half of my PB&J Larabar from last week … missing a bite.

A little on the dry side this morning but still just as amazing and still my new favorite flavor.  Off to make breakfast!