Yesterday was such an off day.  I didn’t run or go to the gym and I didn’t post – I was just so tired.  So tired that after my 3 classes I went home to nap instead of going to work because I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I got enough sleep the night before, I’ve just always had days where I’m exhausted and there’s nothing I can do but sleep.  It hasn’t happened much lately, but it’s definitely a noticeable pattern in my life.  Anyone else have those days?  Plus, my thighs were still sore from Saturday’s run and I’ve been getting this sharp pain in my back the past couple of days when I move my neck in certain positions.  I’ve had this before too, but never for more than a day.  This semester has been/is so exhausting in every way and I guess it’s just really starting to wear on me. 

The only exciting thing I ate yesterday was the salsa/hummus dip from someone’s blog who I’ve forgotten- my B.  I always combine these two things on my salads, but never thought about mixing them together for a veggie dip.  It was epic.

Picture 010Picture 011Picture 0092 tbsp plain hummus + 2 heaping tbsp roasted garlic sala with carrot sticks

I packed this as part of my lunch at work, but ended up eating it as a snack after my nap.  It was delish!

This morning I woke up early to finish a paper and started off with this:

Picture 012The usual coffee + a banana and Faulkner

I thought I might go running, but by the time my paper was done, it was too late to run and shower and get ready, so instead I went back to bed for a little bit.  Then I had this bowl of awesomeness:

Picture 013Picture 014Picture 015Vanilla Chobani with a teeny tiny apple and 1/4 cup Kashi GoLean Crunch

Soooo so good!  And pretty too!

Since I didn’t go running this morning and still had a two-part breakfast, I was happily satisfied through class (with a delicious cup of Candy Cane Lane).  Usually my stomach is growling angrily by 11:50.  It was a nice change. 

On my way to work I grabbed the Tuscan White Bean salad from the Student Union:

Picture 016Picture 017Great office lighting + romaine and mixed greens with green beans, white bean salad, diced tomatoes, and banana peppers.

I love this salad!  Honestly, it has so many great things – I love the plump, fresh green beans, the white beans, and banana peppers!  To think I didn’t even know what they were before a month or two ago.  I thought they were more like bell peppers, which I don’t like, but they’re a chili pepper, which I love!  I asked for the dressing on the side as usual, but I didn’t need it – with so many flavors in the toppings, it’s just unnecessary.

A day or two ago, I was in the kitchen when one of my sisters came in and asked me what I took besides Rolaids to ease my stomach issues.  I realized I didn’t take anything anymore (including Rolaids) because I no longer have these problems – indigestion, heart burn, etc.  I used to chew Rolaids and Maalox tablets like it was my job

Let’s take a look at a typical day of eating the past year or so:
Breakfast:  White flour english muffin with non-natural peanut butter, a hard boiled egg or two, greasy & fried breakfast potatoes with HFCD-laden ketchup OR a broccoli and onion omelet (whole or egg whites only, I switched it up) cooked in a generous amount of vegetable oil, with the greasy & fried breakfast potatoes and the HFCS-laden ketchup.
Lunch:  A 750+ calorie salad with fried tortilla strips and trans-fat full dressing OR a traditional PB+J on whole wheat with french fries and ketchup OR a turkey, American cheese, and lettuce sandwich on whole wheat with fries and ice cream.  Maybe an apple for dessert.
Dinner:  A heaping plate of white flour pasta with tomato-alfredo sauce + vegetables, sauteed in vegetable oil and a white flour breadstick OR a bowl of white flour pasta with butter and parmesan.  Ice cream sundae for dessert.
Snacks:  Half a bag of tortilla chips, a huge brownie or cookie, Sour Patch Kids, etc.

I 100% believe that my diet, which I thought to be fairly healthy, is why I had so many stomach problems.  I did try: I put veggies in my omelet and pasta, got a lot of protein, ate whole wheat bread – although I’ve never like white EVER.  But I often wondered why I weighed the amount that I did.  Then I started reading food blogs and counting calories.  OH.  My guess is that I was taking in around 3,000 calories a day.  To be honest, I consider what I weighed low for the amount that I ate.  I remember a friend telling me in high school (when I still ran and ate relatively better than I did the first 3 years of college) that I was pretty thin for the amount of food that I ate.  I suppose it was a compliment, but it always stuck with me: how much DID I eat? 

A lot.

I am still in “weight loss” mode because I haven’t hit where I’m comfortable with my body yet.  There are days where I do just want to eat how I used to and not care.  But I know that’s not healthy, and I would not be happy.  There are also days (most days ..) when I can’t wait (just typed weight) to be in maintenance.  But I know that it will be soon (!!) and I’m proud of myself for working so hard to get where I am.  I used to go through phases of working out and being healthy-ish, and I worried a lot about what would happen when I came back to school this fall.  I worried I would fall back  into my old routines and regain all of my weight back and undo all of the hard work I put in this summer.  But I didn’t.  I made the decision to be healthy for life.  I know that this isn’t a phase and I really can’t wait to see what else I achieve in my new lifestyle.

Now I’m off to find a healthy stuffing recipe for my sorority’s Thanksgiving dinner next week ..

In other news, I’ll definitely be upping my strength and core work thanks to Angela’s newest challenge!  Check it out here.