While also a great Rascal Flatts song, so was my mood.  At 9 last night, while eating my apple my throat felt funny.  By 11, I couldn’t swallow it hurt so badly.  My 1am chills and shakes were fun too.  On a day where I have nothing to do but go to one class (which had the second quiz of the week which I more than likely failed – superb), I would wake up sick.  Whatever.

I went to the infirmary after my class – I don’t have Strep A, but I could still have Strep C.  That test doesn’t come back for a couple days, but I highly doubt they’ll call me until next week – if at all.  I’ve not been called back by them before.  Of course, I was also told that I had diabetes two years ago with no official testing.  Luckily, I don’t.  I did, however, have pneumonia.  Why yes, the two ARE often confused in the medical community due to their interchangeable symptoms.  OH WAIT …

Two days before I was diagnosed with pneumonia that year, the M.D. told me I had a crackling in my lungs, but he didn’t think I had pneumonia.  Two days later, I couldn’t breathe, saw a nurse practitioner – who, in my opinion, actually know what they’re doing – who listened to my lungs, gave me a nebulizer, called the M.D. from before over, where he concluded that I did in fact, have pneumonia.  And by “he concluded” I mean “the nurse looked at my chart, listened to my non-breathing capabilities and my lungs, knew that I had pneumonia, and told him so.”

Oh, there’s more.  Last year, my strep tests were negative, so they assumed I just had a virus.  I felt so crappy though, that they gave me antibiotics – notoriously known to NOT treat viruses, right?  Oh, well I got better as soon as I took them.  Obviously didn’t have a virus, but the only test they like to perform is for strep, which is also apparently the only diagnosis they have ever seen.

I really don’t know why I bother going there.  Luckily, though, they still do take my insurance – one of only five left that they still take.  Nice.  Way to cater to student needs!

ANYWAY – for me, being sick = sore throat, swollen throat, achiness (especially in my lower back) and no appetite.  At all.  This morning, when I thought I might attempt a run after class, I had a banana and a coffee.  Nope.  I probably would have gone if there weren’t hurricane strength bursts of wind my campus is so well known for or at least a little bit of sun.  My high school cross country coach was convinced that running could only make you feel better, and six (ew) years later, I actually wanted to believe him.  I know I did yoga yesterday, but I don’t get the physical exertion out of it like I do with running, and this is my third non-running day in a row.  My body feels gross and I’m not happy, but I’d rather get better quickly than take the chance of extending being sick.

I did have a big salad for lunch, since I know I need to eat and I actually was a little hungry by then.  It had:

  • Baby spin
  • Brocc
  • Shrooms
  • Carrot shreds
  • Jalapeños
  • Red pepper flakes
  • Hummus glob
  • Craisins!

With a side of WW toast with Smart Balance.  Yum!

Right now I’m headed off to dinner (most likely an exact repeat of lunch – perhaps raisins instead of craisins?) and then a lecture that counts as extra credit for two of my classes.  Since this semester’s stress has taken a toll on a few grades, I need the extra effort.  But WHY does it have to be on a night where I feel like I’ve been run over by a truck?

PS – NEVER google image “run over by a truck” for an image to blog how you feel.  It’s not pretty.  Don’t know why I didn’t think it would be …

I don’t want to leave a pictureless, pessimistic post, so look at the pretty flowers!  Tulips are my favorite, I think.
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