Until freedom!  Friday at noon I will officially be on Thanksgiving break!  I hate going 12 straight weeks without any days off, but getting the whole week of Thanksgiving off makes up for it.

Throughout my time at the library yesterday, I had that full-no-appetite feeling I’ve had on and off this week.  My body still can’t decide if it wants to be sick or not!  It’s really frustrating.  Not wanting to feel super stuffed but knowing I needed to eat, I had the last of my giant Mcintoshes around 3 yesterday afternoon.

Dinner, eaten after making 0 progress on my paper and some meetings, was a d-hall salad.  I’ll spare you the boring ingredients – I think I’m actually getting sick of the standard.  That’s not good considering it’s the only edible thing in the dining hall …

I was ready for bed by 7pm – that’s what 6 hours of sleep does to me.  I held off for a couple hours, watching TV and relaxing in bed.  I also rolled out my yoga mat before bed to indulge in some hip openers, downward dog, cobra, and boat poses.  While on the mat, I thought I’d whittle my middle!  I did a slow and torturous normal plank and some much easier side planks. I also had this wonderful snack:

Peach Chobani with almonds

A wonderful 8 hours of sleep later (but still feeling like I needed more), I wondered why I was up so early.  My alarm went off at 6:30 and I don’t have class until 10!  My hips feel a lot better today, but I knew that running wouldn’t be the greatest idea, since I’m still having some pain. Since they’re not hurting as bad, and from talking to my mom, I don’t think I’ve injured them in anyway – just worked them way harder the last week than I’m used to.  Yoga is definitely harder on the body than most people think!

I eventually made some delicious banana oats:

1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup skim, 1/4 cup water, 1 banana – 1/2 mixed in while cooking, 1/2 sliced on top, lots of cinnamon + the usual coffee

Tasted extra amazing today!

I was stressing out about when I should go to the gym today – right after work (but I have to take my resumé to career services today) or after chapter, if I’m not too tired (but I need to write my papers).  Well I realized I had A LOT of extra time left before class, so I decided to just get it over with then.

I spent 45 minutes on a new (to me) kind of elliptical while reading for my American Lit class.  It got kind of boring after a little, but the intervals kept me going, along with the really interesting poetry I was reading.  I’ve never read Gwndolyn Brooks before, but she’s amazing!  I think I might incorporate one of the poems into my final paper.  I finished up at the gym with some quick planks and stretching.  I felt so good when I was done – very loose and flexble!

When I got to class, I ate this mini Luna LemonZest bar:

I love this flavor!

I was hungry, but not starving by the time I got my salad before work – the oatmeal held me over really well!  I had the salad I usually get, the Tuscan White Bean.  No pic .. I’m getting a little sick of this salad, though :(.  But it was still delicious!

Work drained me .. a mid-afternoon hazelnut coffee was needed!

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