After work yesterday, I headed straight to career services to get my resumé looked over.  Apparently I have a gift for writing them, because I only needed to change 3 minor things!  So if anyone needs a resumé looked at, send it my way – I guess I’m a pro!  The girl looking at it was impressed by how involved I am with my sorority – which is awesome and made me feel great that an objective person recognizes my dedication!  Especially since I’m applying for my dream job within the next couple weeks, which involves working for my sorority full time after I graduate.  I’ve gathered my references, now all I have to do is write my essays and hit submit!  I’ll be so relieved and excited to get the application in.  I am being realistic though, and applying for other jobs as well.

Dinner before chapter was boring – but at least it wasn’t a salad!  A Dr. Praeger’s veggie burger on whole wheat bread with ketchup and romaine, plus steamed baby carrots and an apple.  It was ok, but somehow the dining hall sucks all the flavor out of the burger, and I’m pretty sure it was cooked in an unhealthy kind and amount of oil.  But I did the best I could with what I was offered.  At least my baby carrots were good!  I loveee cooked carrots!

I spent the rest of the night writing a paper at the library.  Snacks were packed, but uneaten.  When I came home I had a big bowl of grapes before bed:

Pretty good picture for night time flourescent lighting!

This morning called for another amazing bowl of banana oats:
1/3 cup of oats, 1/4 cup each of water and skim, half a banana cooked in, half sliced on top + cinnamon and the normal coffee

Obvs amazing and filling!  While the fudge brownie coffee is clearly super delish, I’m kind of getting sick of the chocolately flavor so early in the morning.  I’m pining for the Green Mountain Southern Pecan I had earlier in the year .. or maybe a Christmas blend is in the future?

Speaking of Christmas, I’ll definitely be passing this list along to my family.  Thanks Caitlin!