I hate getting so behind on posts, but yesterday was just so busy!  I got to work at 2, still not hungry for lunch – um, I ate breakfast at 8?  My appetite is so strange and unpredictable lately.  Finally at 3, I whipped out a strawberry Chobani and some GoLean Crunch:

Horrible sneaking-in-the-office picture!  Plus some earl grey, my favorite tea since I was little!  I had originally planned to get of work, work on a paper for an hour before dinner and then go to the gym, but dinner plans got switched around on me.  Instead of going to a dining hall, I ended up with the plan to eat in the Student Union – the building I work in and that I get the salads from all the time.  Needless to say, I’m incredibly sick of eating here, especially with the lack of healthy options.  Anyway, since the gym is just across the street, I went straight from work with just an hour to work on my fitness, Fergie style.  But first, I ate a pear:

Pears are such an underrated fruit!

At the gym, I knocked out half an hour doing intervals on the elliptical, plus a ONE MINUTE plank and two 30-second side planks, along with some random yoga poses to stretch it out.  I have never been able to hold plank for one minute before!  I was so proud, and of course, thankful to Angela for the challenge!

Rushing back to the U for dinner at 6, I decided to pay out of pocket for Blimpie.  No pic, but I got a 6-inch turkey sub on wheat with lettuce, tomato, pickles, jalapeños, pepper, and spicy brown mustard.  I obvs like it hot.  It was ok – but I’m so used to eating salad for dinner, I feel like my stomach didn’t know what to do without the usual overload of veggies and hummus.  I wasn’t feeling full like I normally do, but I was also somewhat unsatisfied all night.  It was a weird feeling I didn’t like at all.  Just another example of why I HATE when plans get changed on me at the last minute!  ESPECIALLY food plans.  I had meetings all night, and ended up eating some apricots before bed:

Yes, yesterday was National Bad Picture Day.  My b.

I woke up early to finish 1 of my papers due tomorrow and made my requisite coffee (no pic).  I finished too late to go for a run – but really, I haven’t felt like running at all this week.  I don’t know why, but I’m really liking the new elliptical I’ve been using at the gym.  Maybe because I’ve been doing some class reading and bonding with the December issues of Women’s Health and Glamour?  Not sure, but I’m sure I’ll get back in my running groove soon.

I decided to hit up the gym once more this morning instead, but before I left I had breakfast:
Kashi GoLean waffles + a pear

I’m really missing apples, but it wasn’t worth grocery shopping this week since I’m going home in two days for Thanksgiving!  I honestly can’t wait.  It was still delicious – just would have been better with a sweet Macoun!

At the gym, I did half an hour on the elliptical and 20 minutes on the stair stepper, plus some quick planks.  I’m at work now and once again, I’m not very hungry.  I’m really not feeling well again 😦 My body just can’t decide if it wants to be sick or not.  I have meetings all afternoon, my sorority’s Thanksgiving dinner (more on that later), and another paper to write tonight.  I know I need fuel to get through my day and maybe it will make me feel better to eat?  I’m going to go downstairs and grab some lunch … hope everyone’s having a great day!