#1: Hummus

Hummus in the morning, hummus in the evening, hummus at suppertime.  When hummus is on [anything at all], you can eat hummus any time.

Hummus on my Crackwich, hummus on my carrots:

Arnold’s MultiGrain Sandwich Thin with hummus, a garlic & herb LC wedge, and Frank’s + carrots and more hum

No hummus on my fail broccoli:

Perhaps that’s why it failed.  But really, there was too much lemon.

#2: Grocery shopping

My uncle is coming in from California tonight for Thanksgiving and all day my mom was talking about needing to get more food for him to eat.  We never went to the store, so I volunteered to while they drive to the airport to get him.

I managed to get get only one thing for myself, and it was necessary: more sandwich thins for Crackwiches.

#3: Yogurt bowls

Broccoli fail = dinner part two:

Plain Chobsies with raspberries, blackberries, and Kashi Heart to Heart

#4: Grey’s Anatomy

Back in the day.  The days of Denny Duquette (not as a ghost …), of dark and twisty Meredith, of McVet and Burke, when George was alive, and Izzie wasn’t resuscitating deer in the ER.  Those were the days.

#5This trailer.

New feature – Tuesday top 5?  These definitely aren’t my top 5 addictions (minus hummus), but it gave me the idea