This is edition of the Tuesday Top 5 was inspired by SkinnyRunner’s celebricizing page.  Sometimes I forget how much I like seeing celebrities working out, since the only time I read Star and Us Weekly is when I’m getting a pedicure or am at the airport .. two things which have not occurred for a while. 

Having done almost no research, these are the top 5 celeb bodies I would give up (at the very least) my Blackberry for:

5.  Cameron Diaz. 








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She’s just all-around awesome and over 30.  The end.

4.  Kelly Ripa


DAYUM!  She’s had 3 (?) kids and my abs cry upon seeing hers.  Sob.

3.  Carrie Underwood. 






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Not only is she an amazing singer, but she has a REAL, attainable body.  Execpt maybe for her legs.  HOLY GOD she has great legs.  Super muscular, so we know she eats.

2.  Audrina Patridge


I would really like to see her eating and exercise plan.  So that I can quit school to follow it.  Somehow I don’t think my chest would grow to match hers though …

1.  Marisa Miller


I don’t think I need to explain.