Because it is December 3 and today it was 65 degrees. I went running in shorts and tee shirt. It is Connecticut. Also, it’s supposed to snow Saturday.

The semester is (finally) winding down and that makes me super busy busting out papers, rewrites, extra credit, and oh yeah, finals.

The past couple days have been boring anyway. A couple nice 4-milers, and a lot of boring classes I’ve had to farm my way through. Why am I an English major?

Some pics of mi comida from the past couple days:

Some carrot cake. Review soon.
Library snackage: snap peas, carrots, hummus, and salsa.
Apple – plus about 8 more ….
Strawberry Chobani and Kashi Heart to Heart
Hummus, raisin, and spinach sammie + Honeycrisp
Plain 0% Fage (loverrrrr) + strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, a blackberry, and a Kashi Honey Toasted 7 Gain granola plank.

PC020350.JPG Everyday 365 Breakfast Blend in my new Starbucks mug.*

PC020356.JPG PC020357.JPG PC020358.JPG 3 egg white, LC French Onion, Frank’s and salsa in a WW tortilla + tiny apple with cinnamon.

* My new Starbucks mug! Stolen in our office’s holiday party Yankee swap (along with a $5 gift card to Starbies!). It’s so cool! The black part is like a blackboard and it comes with a white pen to decorate the mug with. You bake it in the oven for 10 minutes and the paint sets! Such a great present idea if you need one!

Homework to do list:
American Lit

  • Rewrite paper 1
  • Rewrite paper 2
  • Write paper 3
  • Prep for final
  • Weekly online discussion post 12/3, 12/10
  • Extra credit – speaker write up

Children’s Lit

  • Finish Walk Two Moons
  • Come up with Walk Two Moons discussion question
  • Read Walk Two Moons article
  • Extra credit – speaker write up
  • Prep for final

Abnormal Psych

  • Prep for final

Human Sexuality

  • Homework due 12/8
  • Prep for final

Brit Lit

  • Prep for final

Woo. Hoo. 2 weeks from today the semester from hell will be OVER!!!!!!!!!!! And then I can focus on Christmastime fun and sleep, eat, and run for 4 straight weeks. Turning 22 is thrown in there too. Oh, and applying for jobs. Who knows how to write a good cover letter?? Or knows of any entry-level student affairs positions in higher ed, or store management jobs?

Dinner at the dhall was actually really delicious – and NOT a salad! Kosher kitchen is the way to go. Salmon with mixed veggies and summer squash, plus a piece of whole wheat toast with smart balance. So good.

Now I’m watching Elf and admiring our house’s Christmas tree :0)

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