Good evening bloggies!

I was going to post earlier, but to be honest, I didn’t have much to say! I DID have a delicious dinner last night though – salmon and double grilled balsamic veggies from the Student Union. The salmon was the best I’ve ever had? Yes, even excluding salmon from real restaurants. I don’t know what they did to it, but it was so amazingly moist and perfectly seasoned. I even skipped the lemon dill sauce and I’m glad I did, it just would have masked the taste. I also had some grapes before bedtime that escaped the camera’s eye.

At chapter last night, we installed our new officers! It’s very exciting to have a new set of women in charge of our chapter. I’m so excited for them (exec especially) and I know that when I graduate, I’ll be leaving the chapter in extremely capable hands. This also means that for the first time since I’ve joined my sorority, I don’t have a position. It feels really strange for all of the major chapter decisions to be completely out of my hands, but I’m also excited to just be a member without the additional responsibilities of holding a position.

Anyway, I woke up this morning and had a brownie with my coffee:

365 Breakfast Blend with skim & Truvia + mini Clif Chocolate Brownie

I even heated it up! The chocolate brownie flavor is my least favorite of all the Clif bars I’ve tried, but heating it up helped! 10 seconds was a little too long though – it taste like a burnt brownie.
I made my way to the gym to spend 15 minutes each on the elliptical, the stair master, and the treadmill – with my close friend Voltaire and an article for my Children’s Lit class. I kept the elliptical at a steady pace and ran at an easy 10 minute mile, but I chose “variety” on the stair master today and cranked up the steps per minute rate. I eventually got up to 105 and was STRUGGLING but it felt so good to get that fast. I have a feeling my quads and hamstrings might be feeling that tomorrow, though.
Breakfast part 2 was eaten in class:
Plain Chobani and MultiGrain Cheerios.

A winning combo. Well, pretty much any Greek yogurt with any cereal is a winning combo for me – obviously since I eat it at least 6 days a week. We just finished Walk Two Moons in my children’s lit class – did anyone read that when they were younger? It’s by Sharon Creech. She also wrote Chasing Redbird. I loved both of those books then and reread them all the time! I’m a nerd and do that a lot. My professor complimented me on my discussion catalyst question about W2M which was awesome because I don’t think she particularly likes me.
Lunch was eaten in class a few hours later as I learned about prostitution and call girls in Human Sexuality …
Hummus, spinach, and raisins on a WW wrap + Macintosh

Same breakfast and lunch as yesterday, I know, but they are so good and I’m trying to eat up my food stash since I’m only at school for another week and a half! While it was going on, the semester dragged, but now I feel like we’ve reached the end so quickly. I guess it always feels that way. I can’t even believe I’m a senior.
After work, I rushed home to shower and eat – I was quickly becoming hangry. I decided what I wanted for dinner before lunch (sad?) and was looking forward to it all day!
PC080438.JPG PC080439.JPG
Sweet potato with black beans and Fage + 3 egg whites with Frank’s

The only thing left on my plate is the licked clean potato skin. I’m an SP beast, what can I say?
Now I’m sitting down to write an 8-10 pager on American Lit – specifically John dos Passos, Ray Bradbury, and John Updike. In case you want to contribute, here’s my thesis:
American literature is a literature of technology and progression. John Dos Passos, Ray Bradbury, and John Updike use setting and landscape to develop a distinctly American identity, both personal and national, that is directly connected to technology and progression. “The Big Money” excerpt from U.S.A., “August 2026: There Will Come Soft Rains,” and John Updike’s commentary on 9/11 from The New Yorker ultimately show that the authors believe the development of new technologies is destroying the human race.

It’s times like these I ask myself why I’m an English major. There’s often not an answer. Be back later for a break and Tuesday Top 5!