Symptoms Include:

  • Dreams about Paul Bunyan, Alexander Pope, and/or Jonathan Swift .. since they and their philosophies all run together in my head, I can’t distinguish them even in my dreams.
  • Your body wanting to wake up at 5:30 and not go back to sleep.
  • But your alarm was set for 6 anyway
  • Discovering that there are actually seats at Starbucks .. at 6:30am.
  • Witnessing the library custodians empty the same trash cans at least 8 times a day, even though all that’s in there is a gum wrapper.
  • Seeing the sun come up and set two days in a row, without ever actually being outside.
  • Watching your Google Reader slowly climb into triple digits and become more stressed out about catching up with that than with your British Literature final in an hour and a half …
  • Paying $6 a day to park in the nearby garage rather than walk a mile to the library in the dark, cold, icy hour before the sun rises, and the many hours after it sets.
  • Being two weeks away from turning 22, but still wearing your hair in pigtails.
  • Honestly having more of a desire to get the world’s lowest GPA than stay here another second.
  • Making lists that have nothing to do with school, but instead are an excuse to update your blog, make your Christmas list, and set some goals for winter break: sleep, watch “Julie and Julia,” sleep, re-read “Wicked,” watch the entire series of “The OC”, etc.
  • Homicidal thoughts towards all those who are done, or close to it.
  • Packing this snack bag for every craving you could possibly get during your 14+ hours in the library:
Luna bars, apricots, trail mix, hot chocolate, TrueVia packets, tea, and a mini Clif bar