I AM FREE! DONEDONEDONE with this semester – the roughest I’ve had. I won’t even begin to try to count the number of meals eaten in the library, or the number of times I watched the sun both rise and set from my 7am-snagged-table. Instead, we’ll focus on the now.

Breakfast was lack of food and MamaPea inspired:

PC160542.JPG PC160543.JPG
Warmed fuji apple with cinnamon and Kashi Heart to Heart.

Plus coffee on the way to my exam.

Insert Children’s Lit final, including writing an essay on Goodnight Moon. Then onto Human Sexuality, which included multiple choice questions on the profession of call girls and prostitutes. Normal.

I can’t remember the last time I ran. I’m sure it was in the recent past, but I can’t remember. I intended to go after my tests today, but it is absolutely frigid out – about 10 degrees plus wind – plus I’m still just exhausted from this week. Hopefully, I’ll feel back to my normal self tomorrow. If not, too bad body – you’ve been sitting for a week straight!

Lunch was on the light side:

Buffalo CrackWich (Arnold’s MultiGrain Sandwich Thin + hummus, LC wedge and Frank’s) and straw, blue, and raspberries

I ended up eating the rest of the berries (about double the picture) an hour later and just had an orange. Before I leave tonight I’m going to dinner with my Greek fam – my little and her little and then I’m heading straight home for a MONTH YAYYYY!