My car looks like this:


So, while the roads are fine, there’s no way I’m scraping all that off!

For the third day in a row, I took a cue from MamaPea and went with warm apple cereal:

1/2 Fortune apple, 1 cup MultiGrain Cheerios, skim, some raisins, cinnamon, and TrueVia

Yesterday I did add peaches like I was thinking, but frozen was not the way to go – so I just stuck with apples and raisins today. It was still missing something though. Almonds? Vanilla?  

After breakfast my momma and I decorated the tree we got yesterday.

Two of my five Baby’s First Christmas ornaments:
PC200617.JPG PC200618.JPG  
My brother has 0. Poor second child. Some other favorites:

That’s Rudolph. It’s also apparently for Rudolph, as “To: Rudolph Love, Brynne” is scrawled on it.
That’s just presh.

PC190601.JPG PC190607.JPG
As are my puppies/snuggle buddies. Yes, they are still puppies to me, although they are like 13 in human years.
Lunchers was a platter of many tastes:

Toast with 3 egg whites and French Onion LC wedge, other 1/2 of Fortune from this morning with cinnamon, and a cup of this:

It’s FREEZING in my house when the heat turns off, so I’m keeping warm in my bed with a cup of Candy Cane Lane, Gilmore Girls, and my Santa socks:
Stay warm!