My blog name – Brynne in Balance – reflects the fact that I’ve very recently noticed the need for my life to become more, well, balanced.  The past three years have included too little sleep, too many late-night food deliveries, and basically no exercise.  When I went home for the summer in May of this year, I decided to change all of that.  I forced myself to fall into a regular sleeping pattern of at least 7 hours a night, I rejoined the gym I (in)frequented in high school, and I really started to pay attention to what and how much I was eating.

Food was the biggest shift.  I read ingredients, looked up portion sizes, and slowly started realizing that whole, natural foods are what my body responds to best.  Since I’ve started eating this way, the almost-nightly heartburn I used to suffer from has disappeared.  Stomach issues I frequently fought with are gone.  The migraines that I began having last year have lessened in both frequency and severity.

The drastic change I made in my diet, along with my now-defunct love affair with the elliptical resulted in a 13-pound weight loss by the time I returned to school.  Since then, I’ve lost an additional 5-7 pounds, depending on what my probably incorrect scale tells me.

The one exercise that has had the greatest effect on me, both mentally and physically, is running.  I “ran” for about 3 years in highschool.  Really, it was more of a run-for-20-feet-walk-80-and-repeat kind of deal.  I never got INTO running – but I also never tried.  I’ve never been athletic, so I accepted the fact I would never be winning races and settled for my minimal effort and negative attitude.  I joined the winter running club, then track, and cross country because it’s what my friends were doing.  We had fun together, goofing off and using running as an excuse to bake isane amounts of goodies that we consumed like there was no tomorrow.

In May, one of my friends from school, who also happens to live near me at home, had me meet her at a local trail, 2.8 miles in length.  I had agreed to go rejoin the gym after our walk.  Over the last year, she had trained for a half-marathon and lost about 50 pounds.  She encouraged me to jog the last mile of the trail, and I arrogantly agreed.  I think I made it half of a very slow and agonizing mile before I waved her ahead of me.

After a summer of cross-training on the elliptical, stairmaster, and the occasional brief treadmill thrown in there, I joined her for a jog on that same trail in August.  We ran the 2.8 miles together in about 28 minutes.  I was floored.  I had no idea that my hard work all summer had actually paid off, because I hadn’t tested myself.  I got motivated to start running again.

And I have been ever since.  Just a few days ago, I ran the farthest distance I ever have – 5 miles – without stopping, and with a pace of less than 10:00 minutes per mile.  It was the same day that my encouraging friend ran her second half marathon in just over 2 hours.  We were both really proud of each other.

I just started a 10k training plan to help increase my mileage and endurance and I intend to sign up for a race soon!  Follow my story as it happens.


One Response to “My Healthy Transition”

  1. Your story is awesome! Nice job on how far you’ve come. Good luck with running!

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