Today is my birthday! 22 always seemed like the “adult” age to me since its the age I would (and will) be graduating college. But I still don’t feel all that grown up – this one does feel different, though. But not as different as turning 20! That was the one year that when people asked if I felt different, I actually did. Leaving the teenage years behind was strange, but definitely welcome.

It’s also Heather’s (from HEAB) birthday! Happy birthday! I hope I look and feel as great as you do in 12 years and be as committed to healthy living!

No pic of din last night but it was ginorm – broiled salmon with carrots, brussels, and asparagus with S&P and a toasted sandwich thin with garlic hummus. Obviously, there was about a cup’s worth of each veggie and a sizeable amount of salmon (one of my favorite foods, hands down) so I had a nice little food baby all night long. I wanted dessert but my veggie child wouldn’t allow it – I settled for a cup of Bigelow’s Vanilla Chai tea (so good!) with TruVia and some skim.

Birthday breakfast included bananas:

Stew Leonard’s Breakfast Blend with skim and TruVia + Plain Chobani with a banana and MultiGrain Cheerios

There’s something about Greek yogurt and bananas that can’t be beat. Which reminds me that I really need to taste test (aka shove down my throat) the new strawberry banana Chobani that’s waiting for me.

All I want for my birthday (but not really) is to find my camera battery charger! I have no idea where it is and I’m getting anxious! Blackberry pictures make me cringe.

Also, for it to stop snowing! I had no clue it would be snowing when I woke up and it’s supposed to continue all day. It’s not a blizzard or anything, but probably the one day of the year I don’t want it to snow – I need my birthday dinner!

My mom and I are heading to Whole Foods for lunch and to pick up a cake for me! I’m also going to try to get her to do a mother/daughter mani/pedi but she’s not such a fan (how are we related??) so we’ll see how that goes. Tonight I’m going to Sakura, my favorite Japanese restaurant, with the whole fam. I seriously can’t wait. Already know what I’m getting. Haven’t had Japanese in SO long and it’s seriously not okay.

Have a great day!

P.S. – My camera un-ate pictures of my bfast burrito and apple slice snack from yesterday’s post, so check them out if you feel the need, which I’m sure you don’t.


Hola bloggies! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great night celebrating. For me, ringing in the new year consisted of watching the Thin Man series with my parents, mucho snackage, and blog reading. Considering how hectic and stressful this year has been, I was happy to see it go not gonna lie.

Of course, 2009 had its high points as well.

Turning 21 with my new hurrcut. Why bangs, why?

Then, of course, deciding to get healthy, rejoining my gym, discovering the food/healthy living blogging community (thanks to Nicole!), discovering Whole Foods, losing 30 lbs. – far from the usual.
The best part of 2009 was discovering all the new foods:

Spinach, hummus, raisin sandwich a la Amy.
Crackwich, adapted from MamaPea
Sweet potato with plain Greek yogurt and black beans
Whole Foods hot bar

2010 is definitely going to be an interesting year that I’m looking forward to – graduating college, and uh .. I don’t know what else. For the first time, I have no idea where I’ll be a year from now. Scary!
Goals for 2010:

  • Graduate
  • Figure out what I want to do with my life
  • Stay healthy
  • Keep running
  • Run a race or two
  • Try even more new foods!
  • Find a job I love
  • Save $$ for a car/apartment/puppy

Off to make the first breakfast of the new year!

But first, back to the weird eating that was yesterday …

After the amazing Pumpkin Pie Parfait that was breakfast, I lounged around for a few hours before ensuring that my Harley-esque muffler had been corrected and quieted. I got dressed for the gym, debated on half a Larabar or banana for snackage, chose and ate a small banana, and went to pick up Marge (my Montero .. she is large and in charge).

Sometime this/last week, I had half a banana before heading to the gym for a run and my stomach felt a tiny bit funny but I didn’t think anything of it. I planned for 5 miles yesterday and started off at 6mph, Yesterday, however, my stomach was not feeling well at all. I took a break after a mile, felt better, and got back on for 3 more miles, when I had to take another break. It was really frustrating because I didn’t feel sick at all and I was having a great run otherwise. I hopped back on for a speedy last mile. Altogether, I did 5 miles in a few seconds over 48 minutes.

  • Mile 1 – 6mph, incline 1, 10 minutes
  • Miles 2, 3, and 4 – 6.1, 6.2, and 6.3mph, various inclines from 1-2.5, 28:47 minutes
  • Mile 5 – 6.4-7.5mph, various inclines from 1-2, in 9:15 minutes

I also started two medicines yesterday, but they’re really small doses and I never get side effects. At first I thought that was why my stomach was upset, but then I remembered the banana upset my stomach last week too, sooo I’m sticking with bars before workouts for a while.

My stomach felt off all afternoon so I didn’t eat (I know, bad) until dinnertime, which was large and veggie-filled.

Steamed brussels and carrots with s&p, based sweet potato rounds, Naked Nuggets, ketchup and BBQ sauce

Bromberg Brothers Blue Ribbon Restaurants Naked Nuggets opinion
Taste: Taste-wise, I was thrown off – because it tasted like chicken, not a chicken nugget. Sad? They tasted pretty fresh but I could still tell they were frozen, if that makes sense. 3/5.
Texture: A little unnatural, but chickens aren’t naturally in nugget form. Definitely better than any other nuggets I’ve had. 4/5.
Fill Factor: With my 10 lbs. of veggies, kept me satisfied but not overly full, for the next few hours, even after 5 miles and not refueling. 5/5.
Ingredients: “All Natural Boneless Skinless White Meat Chicken, Potato Starch, Salt, Spices (White Pepper, Marjoram, Celery, Basi), Garlic Powder.” 4/5.
Nutrition: The nutrition stats are pretty good, 7 nuggets for 140 calories, 3g fat (1g saturated, 1g monounsaturated, and 0.5g polyunsaturated, and 0.5g unknown fat) and not too high in sodium for a frozen food at 460mg. The cholesterol is pretty high for me thought, at 70mg per serving. Thee are, however, 25 grams of protein per serving, which is huge.
Overall: My mom picked up the Naked Nuggets at Stew Leonard’s a couple weeks ago. They’re boneless, skinless white meat chicken without breading. They’re also gluten and trans-fat free. I threw them in the oven with my sweet potato rounds for 7 minutes at 400 degrees, which is the longest time advised (5-7 minutes) and 50 degrees higher than the bags says (at 350), but they definitely could have used a few more minutes in the oven. They were warm and obviously precooked, but the cook time seemed a little low for not being piping hot (did I really just say type that?) out of the oven. I dipped them in BBQ sauce and ketchup. I liked the ketchup with them better .. nostalgia, maybe? I’ll eat them again, definitely.

After dinner, I went bowling with my mom, step-dad, brother, and 2 of my step-brothers. I have 3. I’m the only girl. See why I joined a sorority? I bowled my worst game ever 😦 I’m actually pretty good at bowling, when I do go – which is really only at camp on field trips. I’ll blame the heavier ball (my usual 6 pounder could not be found) and ignore the fact that we didn’t use bumpers. That really had nothing to do with i. The second game was better, as I beat my step-dad, who is intense enough to have his own ball. I call it a win. My step-brother and I spend most of the time making fun of the ridiculous people on either side of our lane. Let me just say that the guy to our right was taking a picture of his not-very-high score and referred to himself as “Pinz.” Yes, with a “z.”

Obviously I was hungry at the bowling alley but my stomach felt iffy when I got home. I knew I had to eat though, so I made something warm and comforting:

Chopped and warmed fuji, cinnamon, TruVia, warmed skim, and Kashi Heart to Heart

I’m off to the gym before I get snowed in! The weather here in CT/the east coast is never good for New Year’s – are you doing anything fun tonight? I think I’m just hanging home – New Year’s has never been big for me.
Be sure to check back later for a super exciting breakfast post!

I hope you all had a great day, whether you celebrate or not!

I started Christmas morning with an egg white omelet with Laughing Cow and some apple with cinnamon.  And coffee, of course.  After opening presents, my mom and stepdad headed to his sister’s house and my brother and I just hung around until it was time to go to my aunt and uncle’s.  We were supposed to be there around 1:30, so I figured we’d be eating around 2 but I wasn’t sure.  I also didn’t know what we’d be eating, so I ate a small lunch around 12:30.

Half a hummus and spinach sandwich, green beans with salt and pepper, and spicy black bean soup with a dollop of Fage

We ended up opening presents around 3 and not eating until 4:30ish.  I snacked on a couple plates of apple, pear, blackberry, and pomegranate fruit salad – yum!  For “dinner” I had salad – mixed green with mushroom, cucumbers, balsamic vinegar, and EVOO – plus veggie picked out from some vegetable fried rice and some roasted chicken.  Eating at weird times throws my stomach off.  I don’t understand why we can’t eat meals at normal times on holidays.  It seems like an American tradition to eat a huge meal in the middle of the afternoon, with snacking before and desserts after.  I think that’s part of the problem people have with holidays and overeating.  If we just kept meal times the same, I don’t think people would overeat as much or have to strategize!

Anyway, before bed I ended up snacking on a piece of whole wheat bread smeared with a plain Laughing Cow wedge.  At first I didn’t know what I wanted – I heated up some soup (Campbell’s Chicken Tortilla) but it was gross and too much food anyway.  Then I decided on a CrackWich, but ended up putting the hummus and hot sauce back into the fridge.  Sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to snacks.

I woke up this morning and had coffee and half an apple pie Larabar before heading to the gym:

I took it relatively easy – at least on the treadmill.  Still incredibly bored on it – 3.1m in 30 minutes, followed by 15 minutes on the stair mill and 15 on the elliptical – the last half in reverse mode.  I did reverse mode today and on Christmas Eve.  It’s something that quickly becomes obvious I never do, since I feel my quads and other muscles working in ways the stair mill, running, and forward ellipticalling do not make them.  It’s hard.

Breakfast part two was simple and quick:

Plain Cheerios with skim and half a banana

What was your favorite present of the holiday season? I got lots of fun stuff yesterday!  DVDs, gift cards, new Pandora charms, etc.  Pretty sure my favorites are the Whole Foods gift card from my brother and this:

A Swedish massage from my mom and stepdad!

Off to make lunch and watch season one of Weeds!

I hope everyone that celebrates is enjoying their night :0)

Dinner part two last night was muy delicioso:

HUGE chopped fuji, Fage, Kashi Heart to Heart

Sooo good. I really liked splitting my dinner into two parts.  I got more in nutrient-wise and didn’t snack again before bed – my apple crisp kept me really satisfied the rest of the night.  I didn’t sleep any better though :(.

I woke up and waited over an hour to eat breakfast, which ended up being a shocker.

Just kidding.

Pomegranate Chobani with Kashi Heart to Heart

I waited til around 11:30 to head to the gym.  My quads were kind of tired this morning, and so was the rest of me, but I figured I’d get into it.  On my way over, I figured I’d do 4 miles.  However, I’m officially bored of the treadmill.  I ended up doing a circuit, per usual:

  • 2 miles in 18:28
  • 10 minutes walking at 3.5mph at incline 8
  • 15 minutes on the stair mill
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical

I was STARVING and cranky when I got home.  My quesadilla could not cook quickly enough.  It’s ugly, I warn you.

La Tortilla Factory wrap with 1/2 cup black beans, diced tomatoes, plain LC wedge, guacamole

Told you.  Is it too late to ask Santa for a quesadilla maker?

For next time: leave out the diced tomatoes, add back in the salsa, maybe Fage in the wrap?  And definitely some Frank’s.

My brother and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (again) while we waited for dinner .. 3 hours later.  I snacked on some fruit:

banana, grapes, clemmie

Christmas Eve dinner was so good!  I had a baked (in the oven!) sweet potato that tasted like it had butter and maple syrup on it – but not, just nature.  I might write an ode to the sweet potato one day …

Anyway, I also had some green beans with salt and pepper and Omaha Steaks scallop and crap stuffed sole.  YUM.  I heart seafood. No pic.

My step-dad picked up some French ice cream and sorbet dishes from a French bakery nearby.  Honestly, ice cream in the winter does not appeal to me at all.  There was vanilla and chocolate ice cream and raspberry and strawberry sorbet.  I had a taste of my brother’s vanilla – odd texture and way too sweet.  Almost chemically – ick.  Instead, I heated up some apple crisp – shocking, I know.

1/2 a fuji and a Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax granola plank

I don’t know why I waited so long to try the Pumpkin Spice Flax flavor – it’s so good!  I guess I’m just in love with Honey Toasted 7 Grain.  I’m going to wait to taste it on its own before I do a full review.

Now I’m watching Love Actually per my self-imposed tradition and heading to bed.  Merry Christmas!

Hello bloggies!

We have a lot to catch up on! After posting Wednesday night I had this bowl of grapes and dried apricots:


My approach to Thanksgiving was simple: to treat it like any other day. I woke up, had a couple bites of banana and some coffee, and set out for the trail to run. I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up without any soreness from my 6+ miler! I ran an easy 3 miles in about 29 minutes, came home and had this:

A strawberry Chobz with a cup of Kashi Heart to Heart.

We were supposed to be at my dad’s at noon, a family friend’s right after that, and my aunt and uncle’s at 1:30 to eat at 2 – but my family is never on time. I know that, but I still get anxious and stressed out when they’re late. I knew I had the massive stash of bars I keep in my purse and grabbed a gala as well, since I couldn’t gauge my hunger or eating schedule.

After we left our family friends’, I ate my apple, figuring I would just switch out my lunch and afternoon snack. We didn’t end up eating until 4:30, which was fine since I had eaten. I was full from the apple all afternoon and just had a few random shrimpies before the big meal.

I didn’t take any pictures, but here’s what was on my plate:

  • Spinach and mixed greens salad with olives, shrooms, and yellow pepper
  • Roasted brussel sprouts
  • Roasted parsnips
  • Turkey
  • Mashed winter squash (not sure of the type – when I asked, I got “yellow” as a reply)

Trust me, it was a large meal. For dessert, there was chocolate Tofutti ice cream, vanilla and eggnog ice creams, plus an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. To be honest, I was satisfied with my meal and really didn’t want any dessert, so I didn’t have any.

It was nice to see my family, hang out with their doggies, and talk about Farmville with my cousin, but I wasn’t in the best mood all day. Thanksgiving is nice, but Christmas is by far our family’s (at least, my dad’s side) favorite and biggest holiday. By the time my brother and I got home at 7, I was STARVING – figures. I made pure deliciousness (better than Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps …)

Corfu pocketless pita, Sabra tzatziki, Veggie Patch falafel balls, and FRANK’S.

Frank’s was a delicious and perfect addition – as it always is.

A little while later, I popped some popcorn with added cayenne and cinnamon and had a hot chocolate.



Although yesterday was Thanksgiving, today was the day that I actually felt like it. As much as I love my extended family, there’s a lot of things that make me anxious at/about family stuff (I’m sure you all understand). My mom, stepdad, and uncle spent the holiday yesterday with my stepdad’s family, so my Mom and I planned to make tonight Thanksgiving in our house!

I took the day off from exercise, and made a delish and light yogurt bowl:

PB260266.JPG PB260268.JPG
Last of my plain Chobani with raspberries and some banana + vanilla extract.

Then I picked up one of my best friends who I haven’t seen since AUGUST for lunch at Chef’s Table, where my mom and I had lunch the other day. Today my amazing salad consisted of:

  • Romaine
  • Grilled chicken
  • Kidney beans
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Shredded carrots
  • Fat free balsamic

So amazing. Salads always taste better when someone else assembles and mixes it up for me! I came home intending to do work, but instead I read blogs and watched That 70’s Show all day. Oh well, it was my holiday. I also had a Granny Smith with cinnamon:

PB270271.JPG PB270273.JPG

Then I helped my mom start to cook! I peeled tomatoes, rinsed and prepped green beans, and other small things that wouldn’t affect the taste of food if I messed up, considering I burn toast.

The six of us had enough food for my entire dad’s side of the family (20 people). We made:

  • Turkey
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mashed butternut squash
  • Steamed green beans
  • Peas
  • Mashed white turnip
  • Mashed yellow turnip
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Gravy

My mom, stepdad, and I had some of this Viognier (white wine) while we were finishing cooking and setting the table. I laughed at the company name, Cono Sur, which apparently comes from the region of Chile the wine is produced in, but I thought was a play on “connoisseur.” ANYWAY, it was pretty good – crisp and fruity, but not overly sweet at all. I also had a splash more with din. My plate had:

  • Turkey
  • Mashed potatoes (I asked my stepdad to make me a small portion of pure potato – no butter or anything mixed in)
  • Butternut
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Yellow turnip

Everything was SO GOOD. My favorite thing is to get a forkful of peas, mashed taters, and turkey all in one – best taste combo for the holidays! The yellow turnip was my favorite dish by far. It has such a great taste and texture, sweet but nutty, chunky but smooth. Yum! Obv went back to seconds this Thanksgiving – of turkey (this time with hot sauce!!), mashed taters, peas, green beans, and turnip). Now I’m super stuffed. I actually can’t remember the last time I felt this full, which is great because I’ve really learned to stop myself from overeating. But, it was a holiday, all delicious and amazing, and all WHOLE foods! Like really, I ODed on veggies – it’s fine. Sadly, we didn’t have any dessert, but since my stomach is carrying a small child of produce, it’s probably not a bad thing. Now that it’s officially Christmas season, I’m sipping some Candy Cane Lane (hoping the green tea jumpstarts my metabolism to relieve the food baby pressure) and watching ELF!! YES – I’ve been dying to watch this all week. Good night!

P.S. My new bangs and I are still trying to work things out – haircut picture when we stop our argument.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays!  I think it’s because I love fall, and it’s such a huge part of the season.  I love the leaves, the decorations, the food (pumpkin!), the clothes, everythingggg!

Last night I tried to get in the ultimate Halloween-y mood with some scary movies.  BUT NOTHING WAS ON!  Um, world?  When did the Halloween love stop?  Disney, what happened to Hocus Pocus?  ABC Family, That 70’s Show” doesn’t jump out at me as an obvious choice for your 13 nights of Halloween.  Holiday fail, television.  Le sigh.

Breakfast was boring but what I was craving:

PA301093PA3010923 egg whites + LC French Onion wedge and apple with cinnamon + coffee with skim, PureVia, and cinnamon

The amount of cinnamon and apples I eat is absurd.  But delicious.

Last night’s snack attack:

PA301088Strawberry Chobz + 1 cup Cheerios

Only took that one crappy picture because the mess needed to be in my stomach ASAP.  But at least I used my Little Mermaid spoon!  Was yummy.


Plus a few grapes before bed.  There were more than this originally …

I knew I wanted cereal and yogurt.  I had seen the Cheerios in my fam’s cabinet earlier when I was cooking my delish multigrain cereal and intended to use those.  I went in to grab them and saw the Kashi H2H I eat but apparently no one else does since it’s left over from summer.  I debated.  I ingredient checked.  Cheerios, why is sugar so high up on your ingredient list?  They aren’t even sweet!  And modified corn starch?  Uncool.  But while 1 serving of the British goodbyes have 1g of sugar, H2H has 5 grams for a smaller serving!  Since the strawberry yogurt has mad sugar, I went with the Cheerios.

I felt really good about my decision and how I made it – by being informed.  While I think that nutrition labels do need a lot of work, I also believe that they are a completely useful and necessary tool for making smart decisions everyday. This article is really great and eye-opening. I completely agree with all of the author’s points. Does anyone else find it weird and a little insulting that the FDA thinks we need labels on the FRONT of our food? Are Americans really that lazy that we can’t be bothered to TURN A BOX AROUND?

Was there one person/event/article that really convinced you to pay attention to what you eat?  And how much of it you should be eating?  For me, it was the intro to nutrition class I took my freshman year.  Keeping a week-long food journal pretty much ended me 900+ calorie salad and 1000+ calorie muffin habit.  Yes, UConn has these things.  I really don’t even know how you make a MUFFIN contain more than a thousand calories.  I’m actually really impressed/curious.

Today I WILL:

  • Finish my laundry
  • GYM!
  • STUDY!!
  • Find a semi dress
  • Find jeans that fit and don’t pull off like sweatpants (welcome, but annoying)
  • Find some winter running gear
  • TJ’s?  Pumpkin butter … I need you

Be sure to check out Angela’s OSG anniversary giveaway here!  It’s amazing!