My arms are TIRED from some amazingggg yoga I just did! But first – lunch!

P1090075.JPG P1090079.JPG P1090080.JPG
Tuna salad with romaine in a Joseph’s pita with pomegranate arils

I added some paprika, salt, and pepper to the leftover tuna salad before assembling my pita – extra tasty today! My mom and I went out to my grandma’s and this week’s 24974th grocery trip. I snacked on half a White Chocolate Macadamia Lunabar while we were out, and half when I got home. I also stopped for some much needed Pike Place caffeine.
P1090081.JPG P1090082.JPG P1090084.JPG
White Chocolate Macadamia Luna Bar Opinion
Taste: Super sweet! Lots of white chocolately, nutty goodness. Kind of like a rice krispy treat. Not enough macadamia taste for me though!   4/5.
Texture: Moist, chewy, and crispy with a white chocolate drizzle and bottom frosting. No crunchy nuts! 4/5.
Fill Factor: Broken up into two parts, got me though afternoon errands and a mildly intense yoga session! 5/5.
Ingredients: “LunaPro (Soy Rice Crisp [Soy Protein Isolate, Organic Rice Flour], Organic Toasted Oats, Organic Roasted Soybeans, Organic Soy Flour, Organic Flaxmeal), Organic Brown Rice Syrup, Organic Coating (Organic Evaporated Cane Juice, Evaporated Palm Kernel Oil, Organic Soy Flour, Organic Soy Lethicin, Organic Vanilla), Organic Macadamia Nuts, Inulin (Chicory Extract), Organic Macadamia Nut Butter, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Oat Syrup Solids, Organic Sunflower Oil, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors” plus lots of vitamins and minerals. Long, yes, but nothing scary and mostly organic.   4/5.
Comments: Loved it! I can see it being too sweet for some people, but this is not a problem I have. I’ll definitely be buying this flavor again and again!

HEAB‘s new post alerted me to YogaDownload.Com’s sale, so I picked a few classes and got them for 40% off! Use the code NewYearsRez to get 40% off your order too.  Thanks Heather! I purchased:
  • Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga #3, 45 minutes
  • Yoga Sculpt #1, 30 minutes
  • Yoga for Weight Loss #1, 6 minutes

I previewed the slides for each class before purchasing them and did the whole hour-long yoga for weight loss class! It was exactly what I wanted – challenging but do-able, with new (to me) poses and poses I really want to achieve/improve on. It was such a good stretch and my arms and quads are definitely tired! All those chair poses and flows from up-dog to down-dog to chaturanga are going to show themselves tomorrow. Sooo good!

I wonder what’s for dinner …


Sorry for no Tuesday Top 5 last night – my paper took over my night! After dinner I headed to Starbucks to work on it without distractions. While I was there, I had a Tazo Joy tea and a peanut butter cookie!


Luna bar Peanut Butter Cookie that is … it was just okay. It didn’t taste very peanut buttery but I think I’m getting sick so I’ll give it another chance and a full review later. On the way home, I stopped for some sandwich thins (Arnold’s, NOT Pepperidge Farm) and some Tylenol nighttime cold medicine – which did absolutely nothing as I still couldn’t breathe last night.

Before bed I wanted something salty and my kettlecorn called out to me. I obliged it.

And also burnt it.

This morning, I woke up to this:


And this:


Yes, I didn’t even want to open the front door to take a proper picture. Only classes at 8 and 9 were cancelled, but my teacher cancelled my 11 on her own, so I didn’t bother going to my 10 o’clock. Instead I stayed in the warm house and worked on my paper. I did end up leaving to come to work an hour early so that I can get to the library sooner this afternoon.

Breakfast was warm and yummy:

Started with some 365 Breakfast Blend with skim and Truvia

PC080448.JPG  PC080449.JPG PC080452.JPG
1 egg + 1 egg white and a plain LC wedge on Arnold’s MultiGrain Sandwich Thin plus an orange

Now that I’ve caught up on blogs, entered Heather’s Vita-Mix giveaway, farmed, done some of the NY Times crossword puzzle, and refreshed my Twitter homepage multiple times, I think it’s time to do some work. And eat lunch, obviously. And get some sinus medicine …

After spending 6 hours in the library yesterday and 8 and half there today, it’s depressing to know that classes aren’t even over for the semester yet. Even though I’ve been super busy, I have found time to try a few new purchases:

Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr in Orange & Ginger

Siggi’s Icelandic Orange & Ginger Skyr Opinion
The tartness of the yogurt goes really well with the refreshing citrus and ginger – amazing! 5/5.
Texture: Thick like soft serve! With real tiny ginger chunks at the bottom! 5/5.
Fill Factor:
Great for a snack! Definitely need toppings and/or a piece of fruit for a meal. 4/5.
Ingredients: “Pasteurized skim milk, agave nectar, candied ginger, orange extract, live active cultures, vegetable rennet.” 5/5.
Comments: This was so different than any other yogurt I’ve had. As with the plain and blueberry flavors, I LOVED it and wish they were sold at stores other than Whole Foods for a better availability and also cheaper! But this is definitely a product I’ll go out of my way to get at WF.

Amy’s Black Bean Burrito slathered with Fage and Frank’s

Amy’s Black Bean Burrito Opinion
Yummy! Love the black beans, veggies, and spices. Pretty authentic tasting for a frozen burrito. 4/5.
Mostly mush, but that could be my fault since it’s been in freezer for a while and I used the microwave to heat it up. Could still see beans and other veggies though! 3/5.
Fill Factor:
For only 280 calories, I ate it with a couple carrots and some sugar snap peas and I was set for the rest of the night. 4/5.
“Organic whole wheat & wheat flour, filtered water, organic onions, organic black beans, organic potatoes, organic corn, organic broccoli, organic bell peppers, organic tomatoes, organic kidney beans, expeller pressed high safflower oil, sweet rice flour, spices, organic garlic, organic green chiles, sea salt, organic jalapeno peppers, tapioca flour.” Mostly organic and vegan! 4/5.
This was so delicious – perfect for when I’m craving Mexican without the frightening nutritionals. 8g of fat (1g saturated), no trans fat or cholesterol, 9g of protein and 580mg of sodium – kind of high, but not nearly as high as most canned soups and other frozen meals!

Choc Peppermint Stick.jpg
Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar

Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick Opinion
“I’m eating a thin mint.” 5/5.
Chewy and crunchy like a rice krispy treat with a yummy peppermint-bark like icing! 5/5.
Fill Factor:
Held me over for around 3 hours yesterday, could have gone longer! 5/5.
Very long list, but nothing too scary – and 70% organic! Plus lotssss of vitamins and minerals!  4/5.
Thin mints I’ve missed you in my life. Now I don’t have to. Dear Luna, make a magical bar that tastes like a Samoa. Thanks.

Odwalla Super Protein Bar

Odwalla Super Protein Bar Opinion
Taste: Nothing special. Subtly sweet, but with no really specific taste aside from the raisins. Very slightly nutty from the soynut butter.  2/5.
Texture: It stuck to my teeth when biting into it, but was very chewy and grainy in a good way. Perfect density.   4/5.
Fill Factor: Held me over for 4 hours! That’s what 14 grams of protein will do for you. 5/5.
Ingredients: Again, pretty long but nothing terrifying. A lot of soy products (nutbutter, protein, etc.) so not for those who try to avoid processed soy.  3/5.
Comments: Definitely nothing great here, but I’d try it again, especially since I know it fills me up! It’s a really good size bar too.

Like yesterday, my packed library lunch was a spinach, hummus, and raisin sandwich on a deli flat and an apple with cinnamon.
Yesterday’s snack was the Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna, today’s was the Odwalla Super Protein. Are we sensing a trend? It continued into dinner:
IMG00074.jpg IMG00073.jpg
Crackberry pic of a Morningstar Mushroom Lovers burger with a plain LC wedge, Frank’s and spinach in a whole wheat wrap+ sweet potato fries and ketchup.

Dinner was so good and VERY filling – I’m still stuffed.
After dinner I headed to Big Y to pick up some supplies for the week:

  • Grapes
  • Macintoshes
  • Tub of hummus
  • Plain 0% Chobani
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Black beans
  • Luna bars – Chocolate Peppermint Stick, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Lemon Zest, and Peanut Butter Cookie

I’m hoping it’s not too frigid for a run tomorrow morning, but at 7am it’s supposed to be 26 degrees – guess I’ll be bundling! Hope they salted the sidewalks, they were still kind of icy this morning. At least I won’t get frostbite de-snowing my car with a tupperware lid again ….

Until freedom!  Friday at noon I will officially be on Thanksgiving break!  I hate going 12 straight weeks without any days off, but getting the whole week of Thanksgiving off makes up for it.

Throughout my time at the library yesterday, I had that full-no-appetite feeling I’ve had on and off this week.  My body still can’t decide if it wants to be sick or not!  It’s really frustrating.  Not wanting to feel super stuffed but knowing I needed to eat, I had the last of my giant Mcintoshes around 3 yesterday afternoon.

Dinner, eaten after making 0 progress on my paper and some meetings, was a d-hall salad.  I’ll spare you the boring ingredients – I think I’m actually getting sick of the standard.  That’s not good considering it’s the only edible thing in the dining hall …

I was ready for bed by 7pm – that’s what 6 hours of sleep does to me.  I held off for a couple hours, watching TV and relaxing in bed.  I also rolled out my yoga mat before bed to indulge in some hip openers, downward dog, cobra, and boat poses.  While on the mat, I thought I’d whittle my middle!  I did a slow and torturous normal plank and some much easier side planks. I also had this wonderful snack:

Peach Chobani with almonds

A wonderful 8 hours of sleep later (but still feeling like I needed more), I wondered why I was up so early.  My alarm went off at 6:30 and I don’t have class until 10!  My hips feel a lot better today, but I knew that running wouldn’t be the greatest idea, since I’m still having some pain. Since they’re not hurting as bad, and from talking to my mom, I don’t think I’ve injured them in anyway – just worked them way harder the last week than I’m used to.  Yoga is definitely harder on the body than most people think!

I eventually made some delicious banana oats:

1/3 cup oatmeal, 1/4 cup skim, 1/4 cup water, 1 banana – 1/2 mixed in while cooking, 1/2 sliced on top, lots of cinnamon + the usual coffee

Tasted extra amazing today!

I was stressing out about when I should go to the gym today – right after work (but I have to take my resumé to career services today) or after chapter, if I’m not too tired (but I need to write my papers).  Well I realized I had A LOT of extra time left before class, so I decided to just get it over with then.

I spent 45 minutes on a new (to me) kind of elliptical while reading for my American Lit class.  It got kind of boring after a little, but the intervals kept me going, along with the really interesting poetry I was reading.  I’ve never read Gwndolyn Brooks before, but she’s amazing!  I think I might incorporate one of the poems into my final paper.  I finished up at the gym with some quick planks and stretching.  I felt so good when I was done – very loose and flexble!

When I got to class, I ate this mini Luna LemonZest bar:

I love this flavor!

I was hungry, but not starving by the time I got my salad before work – the oatmeal held me over really well!  I had the salad I usually get, the Tuscan White Bean.  No pic .. I’m getting a little sick of this salad, though :(.  But it was still delicious!

Work drained me .. a mid-afternoon hazelnut coffee was needed!

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