Good afternoon!

Little did I know that yesterday when I achieved a new yoga pose for the first time (wheel!) that it was National Yoga Day! Little things like that make me happy :0)

Yesterday at the gym I rocked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes, did some planks, crunches, and yoga moves in the mat area. When the middle aged woman next to me whipped out a HEADSTAND and several other intense yoga poses without toppling over, I threw out a few wheels in celebration. She didn’t seem to notice. I held back an intense desire to strike up a conversation about yoga with her and ask her to be my guru. After one ab machine, I gained the courage to do a couple arm machines – um … arm extension is awkward. I started out with 30 lbs. = HAHAHA I managed to get out 12 reps, then switched to 15 lbs. for 12 more reps, and down to 10 lbs. for the final set. I legitimately have no arm/upper body strength. Really must work on this. I also did 3 sets of 12 reps on the overhead press, again on a sad 10 lbs. Barely got them out. To make myself feel better about my lack of arm strength, I sped through a mile on the treadmill, incline 1, in 9 minutes.

After stopping to get my beastly eyebrows waxed and literally pick up apples, oranges, and carrots at Big Y, I headed on home to make lunch.

Buffalo crackwich with spinach + a pink orange!

There was another half to that wrap that made its way into my mouth before the camera could capture it. Soooo my oranges are pink! I got confused and thought I bought a mini grapefruit or something by accident, but nope! The sticker on the other one is pink and says they’re Cara Cara Navels from Sunkist! I never knew there were pink oranges, but it was a fun surprise!
This lunch was soo good and satisfying! For dinner, I headed over to the restaurant at the Student Union with two of my sisters. Like other times, I got the “Sesame Encrusted Grilled Tuna Steak with Wasabi MayoSesame encrusted grilled tuna steak topped with baby field greens, avocado, red onion & cucumber with spicy wasabi mayo on a toasted kaiser roll. Served with a mixed green salad or chips.”

No pic, sorry! It’s not very attractive anyway, but I do love it! I got the sandwich on multigrain bread instead of the white kaiser roll, wasabi mayo on the side (it’s super super spicy!) and ate it open face on only one slice of bread. I always get the wasabi mayo on the side because it is STRONG, so I just dab some on with my knife as I go. On the side, I got a mixed green salad with their champagne vinaigrette. I dipped my fork into the dressing before stabbing my mixed greens – perfect amount!
For dessert, I stole the two maraschino cherries off of my friends’ brownie sundaes – yum!
After dinner, we headed over to the NPHC step-show. The NPHC is the umbrella organization for historically black fraternities and sororities. If you don’t know what stepping is, YouTube it NOW! It’s so amazing and entertaining. It was really fun but we were exhausted (22 year olds have early bed times) and left kind of early. Before bed, I snacked on some popcorn:
Popcorn is quickly becoming my nightly go-to snack. I love the crunch and salt! Must restock …
I woke up this morning – arms and back sore from machines and the wheel! – and repeated my YogaDownload.Com favorite podcast of Morning Flow #1. Because I was a little sore, getting into wheel was a bit more difficult today, but I did it!
Breakfast was a repeat:
P1230244.JPG P1230245.JPG
Coffee with skim and PureVia, Plain 0% Chobz, MultiGrain Cheerios, and banana with a side of yoga mat

After breakfast I did some work in bed and eventually headed over to the school gym. I had a lot of energy and thought I wanted to run, but after 5 minutes on the treadmill, I got bored of staring at the pool and switched to elliptical. I spent an hour on a random setting and did some reading for Nutrition Through the Lifecycle. My friends came and made fun of me for doing school reading the first week of school, but I like it! And also, it’s science, which I really need to keep up with as I’m not so great at it.
Lunch was made quickly after returning:
P1240246.JPG P1240247.JPG P1240248.JPG P1240249.JPG
3 egg whites in a Flat Out with a Garlic & Herb LC wedge, Frank’s and salsa + a Gala with cinnamon

I accidentally opened the cap off the cinnamon bottle instead of just flipping it up, and so got a pile of cinn on 3 apple slices. Oh well, I just shook it off and made a cinnamon dipping pool! The wrap was so good – Flat Out wraps are so fluffy and soft – they go great with egg whites!
Right now I’m feeling kind of snacky .. better go find something!

Sorry for no Tuesday Top 5 last night – my paper took over my night! After dinner I headed to Starbucks to work on it without distractions. While I was there, I had a Tazo Joy tea and a peanut butter cookie!


Luna bar Peanut Butter Cookie that is … it was just okay. It didn’t taste very peanut buttery but I think I’m getting sick so I’ll give it another chance and a full review later. On the way home, I stopped for some sandwich thins (Arnold’s, NOT Pepperidge Farm) and some Tylenol nighttime cold medicine – which did absolutely nothing as I still couldn’t breathe last night.

Before bed I wanted something salty and my kettlecorn called out to me. I obliged it.

And also burnt it.

This morning, I woke up to this:


And this:


Yes, I didn’t even want to open the front door to take a proper picture. Only classes at 8 and 9 were cancelled, but my teacher cancelled my 11 on her own, so I didn’t bother going to my 10 o’clock. Instead I stayed in the warm house and worked on my paper. I did end up leaving to come to work an hour early so that I can get to the library sooner this afternoon.

Breakfast was warm and yummy:

Started with some 365 Breakfast Blend with skim and Truvia

PC080448.JPG  PC080449.JPG PC080452.JPG
1 egg + 1 egg white and a plain LC wedge on Arnold’s MultiGrain Sandwich Thin plus an orange

Now that I’ve caught up on blogs, entered Heather’s Vita-Mix giveaway, farmed, done some of the NY Times crossword puzzle, and refreshed my Twitter homepage multiple times, I think it’s time to do some work. And eat lunch, obviously. And get some sinus medicine …

Hello bloggies!

We have a lot to catch up on! After posting Wednesday night I had this bowl of grapes and dried apricots:


My approach to Thanksgiving was simple: to treat it like any other day. I woke up, had a couple bites of banana and some coffee, and set out for the trail to run. I was very pleasantly surprised to wake up without any soreness from my 6+ miler! I ran an easy 3 miles in about 29 minutes, came home and had this:

A strawberry Chobz with a cup of Kashi Heart to Heart.

We were supposed to be at my dad’s at noon, a family friend’s right after that, and my aunt and uncle’s at 1:30 to eat at 2 – but my family is never on time. I know that, but I still get anxious and stressed out when they’re late. I knew I had the massive stash of bars I keep in my purse and grabbed a gala as well, since I couldn’t gauge my hunger or eating schedule.

After we left our family friends’, I ate my apple, figuring I would just switch out my lunch and afternoon snack. We didn’t end up eating until 4:30, which was fine since I had eaten. I was full from the apple all afternoon and just had a few random shrimpies before the big meal.

I didn’t take any pictures, but here’s what was on my plate:

  • Spinach and mixed greens salad with olives, shrooms, and yellow pepper
  • Roasted brussel sprouts
  • Roasted parsnips
  • Turkey
  • Mashed winter squash (not sure of the type – when I asked, I got “yellow” as a reply)

Trust me, it was a large meal. For dessert, there was chocolate Tofutti ice cream, vanilla and eggnog ice creams, plus an apple pie and a pumpkin pie. To be honest, I was satisfied with my meal and really didn’t want any dessert, so I didn’t have any.

It was nice to see my family, hang out with their doggies, and talk about Farmville with my cousin, but I wasn’t in the best mood all day. Thanksgiving is nice, but Christmas is by far our family’s (at least, my dad’s side) favorite and biggest holiday. By the time my brother and I got home at 7, I was STARVING – figures. I made pure deliciousness (better than Thanksgiving dinner, perhaps …)

Corfu pocketless pita, Sabra tzatziki, Veggie Patch falafel balls, and FRANK’S.

Frank’s was a delicious and perfect addition – as it always is.

A little while later, I popped some popcorn with added cayenne and cinnamon and had a hot chocolate.



Although yesterday was Thanksgiving, today was the day that I actually felt like it. As much as I love my extended family, there’s a lot of things that make me anxious at/about family stuff (I’m sure you all understand). My mom, stepdad, and uncle spent the holiday yesterday with my stepdad’s family, so my Mom and I planned to make tonight Thanksgiving in our house!

I took the day off from exercise, and made a delish and light yogurt bowl:

PB260266.JPG PB260268.JPG
Last of my plain Chobani with raspberries and some banana + vanilla extract.

Then I picked up one of my best friends who I haven’t seen since AUGUST for lunch at Chef’s Table, where my mom and I had lunch the other day. Today my amazing salad consisted of:

  • Romaine
  • Grilled chicken
  • Kidney beans
  • Steamed broccoli
  • Shredded carrots
  • Fat free balsamic

So amazing. Salads always taste better when someone else assembles and mixes it up for me! I came home intending to do work, but instead I read blogs and watched That 70’s Show all day. Oh well, it was my holiday. I also had a Granny Smith with cinnamon:

PB270271.JPG PB270273.JPG

Then I helped my mom start to cook! I peeled tomatoes, rinsed and prepped green beans, and other small things that wouldn’t affect the taste of food if I messed up, considering I burn toast.

The six of us had enough food for my entire dad’s side of the family (20 people). We made:

  • Turkey
  • Mashed potatoes
  • Mashed butternut squash
  • Steamed green beans
  • Peas
  • Mashed white turnip
  • Mashed yellow turnip
  • Stuffing
  • Cranberry sauce
  • Gravy

My mom, stepdad, and I had some of this Viognier (white wine) while we were finishing cooking and setting the table. I laughed at the company name, Cono Sur, which apparently comes from the region of Chile the wine is produced in, but I thought was a play on “connoisseur.” ANYWAY, it was pretty good – crisp and fruity, but not overly sweet at all. I also had a splash more with din. My plate had:

  • Turkey
  • Mashed potatoes (I asked my stepdad to make me a small portion of pure potato – no butter or anything mixed in)
  • Butternut
  • Green beans
  • Peas
  • Yellow turnip

Everything was SO GOOD. My favorite thing is to get a forkful of peas, mashed taters, and turkey all in one – best taste combo for the holidays! The yellow turnip was my favorite dish by far. It has such a great taste and texture, sweet but nutty, chunky but smooth. Yum! Obv went back to seconds this Thanksgiving – of turkey (this time with hot sauce!!), mashed taters, peas, green beans, and turnip). Now I’m super stuffed. I actually can’t remember the last time I felt this full, which is great because I’ve really learned to stop myself from overeating. But, it was a holiday, all delicious and amazing, and all WHOLE foods! Like really, I ODed on veggies – it’s fine. Sadly, we didn’t have any dessert, but since my stomach is carrying a small child of produce, it’s probably not a bad thing. Now that it’s officially Christmas season, I’m sipping some Candy Cane Lane (hoping the green tea jumpstarts my metabolism to relieve the food baby pressure) and watching ELF!! YES – I’ve been dying to watch this all week. Good night!

P.S. My new bangs and I are still trying to work things out – haircut picture when we stop our argument.

I suck, I know.  Posting on any sort of schedule is impossible for some reason for me when I’m home.  My body knows it can actually relax and so I end up napping mid-afternoon and then sleeping for 10 hours.  Normal.  I think it’ll be better today – especially since I realized that I probably just have ALLERGIES – duh.  Really, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  Luckily my mom has some allergy stuff I can take so that I won’t be a zombie all week!

After my nap yesterday, I had wanted something crunchy!  Kettlecorn to the rescue:

My mom and I tried to make the broccoli from my sorority’s Thanksgiving dinner.  We threw some broccoli florets in the steamer with a minced clove of garlic and a tablespoon of lemon juice.  It was a fail.  It didn’t taste anything at all like the recipe from Wednesday.  Tonight we’re going to try sautéing the garlic and lemon juice separately and then putting it on the steamed broccoli.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Dinner was delish, though:

Steamed & mashed butternut squash, fail brocc, and CostCo rotisserie chicken aka heaven in a bird.

The chicken had some questionable ingredients, but it was honestly too good to pass up.  I threw some garlic powder on the broccoli, but it still wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been.  The b-nut squash was AMAZING – so sweet and creamy.  My mom put a little bit of butter (though I wish she hadn’t/would have told me before I ate it) and pepper in it, but it was amazingggg.  I’ll probs include some in my lunch a little later.

After dinner, my mom and I took a trip to Home Goods to get some bedding for my uncle who’s coming in on Tuesday for Thanksgiving.  It was 6:30 and after my nap this afternoon, I was already exhausted.  Honestly ridiculous, body.  Half and hour on the Stair Master should not wear me out this badly.  My tummy wasn’t satisfied from dinner, so when I got home I dominated this Honeycrisp:

Nom nom nom.

Then I was good.  And promptly passed out in a coma-like state for many hours.  Still no movie reviews.  My b.  I swear on Taylor Lautner’s abs they’ll be up tonight!

I woke up around 9, immediately rethinking my planned 4 miler.  I figured I’d just go later, or treadmill it up … even though I secretly knew I would later talk myself out of both those options with a nap.  After some coffee, I decided just to GO.  When I really don’t want to run or go workout, I eat my pre-workout snack.  Then I HAVE to go.  For whatever reason, this works for me mentally.  I had a mini choco-chip Clif bar:

It tasted better than it looks.  Why is it three different shades?  I’m just noticing that and hoping it’s the shadow from my blinds …

I left my iPod downstairs, but I did do 4 miles.  I think my splits were 9:10, 9:11, 9:09, and 8:52.  A SUB 9:00 mile!!!  It’s totally possible I’ve hit that mark at school, but I only time splits on the trail at home since it’s flat and I don’t have to dodge cars.  Yayyyy!  Love love love getting faster and seeing results!  Especially after a week off from running.  I’m out of my running funk, I think.  And thank God.  I do love that elliptical at school, but they don’t have it at my gym at home.  That’s great because it will force to keep running outside over Christmas break!

I came home and made brekkie:

2 Eggo Nutri-Grain waffles, a Braeburn + cinnamon

The fam usually has Kashi waffles, but I guess CostCo only sells Eggo in bulk – hence the two 10-packs in the freezer.  Some icky ingredients, but still super tasty!

My mom and I are going shopping all over town and then I promiseeee my reviews will be up!  See you later!

Let’s go back in time to yesterday afternoon …

Around 4, I decided to have a big snack:
Strawberry Chobz with Kashi Honey Sunshine

After my snacky, I napped and got ready for Mexican food with the rest of my sorority’s exec board and our adviser.  Between my snack and my nap, I wasn’t all that hungry.  I ended up getting a fajita salad, described as “A crisp tortilla bowl filled with lettuce, tomatoes, salsa casera, Monterrey Jack and cheddar cheese.  Topped with shrimp sauteed in our famous salsa butter.”  I got their AMAZING tequila lime cilantro dressing on the side.  I nixed the cheeses and asked for grilled, not sauteed, shrimpies.  It was delish!  I love love love their salsa, and used it as a dressing for the salad and just poured it all in.  The shrimp were great – not dripping in butter.  I ate it all.  Since I hadn’t been super hungry to begin with, I was stuffed!

After dins, I packed for home and got ready for New Moon!  I popped some kettle corn to take to the theater, as I am poor.

Picture taken in the middle of transferring popcorn into plastic bags for crunchiness preservation.  On the way to the theater, around 10:30, we stopped at Starbucks for some fuel – a grande bold with skim and Splenda.  We got to the theater RIGHT before it got crazy busy!  They weren’t letting anyone in the two theaters (and didn’t until 11:20) so we had a while to wait, and there was already a line when we got there.  I’ll do a complete recap tomorrow!

I didn’t end up eating any of the popcorn til after 2am on the ride home – the late dinner and coffee kept me almost uncomfortably full through the movie.  After not getting home til almost 3, I wasn’t sure if I would end up going to class this morning.  I really need a full 7-8 hours for my appetite to stay on track, and my body has been hovering over sick for over a week now, so my hunger has been so off.  I’ve said it before, but I really hate when plans and things like that change, including the timing of my meals and snacks.  So, I didn’t set an alarm and figured if I woke up in time for class I’d go.

I woke up at 9 – I have class at 10 and 11.  So I packed some more, didn’t eat – since I only got about 6 hours of sleep, my stomach had that uncomfortable full/bloated feeling I get when I’m sick or don’t sleep enough.  I didn’t eat anything until I had gotten through class and was halfway home – I just wasn’t hungry.  In the car, I munched on a small-ish Fuji.

The apple finally kick started my stomach, and by the time I got home I was starving!  But I didn’t get a picture – ugh!  I was totally planning on it, but then my dad stopped by and I got distracted with conversation and my growling stomach.

My awkward 3pm lunch was – one egg + an egg white on an Arnold’s Multigrain Sandwich Thin with organic ketchup, baby carrots and hummus, and 2 clementines.  Told you I was hungry! I was soooo happy when I opened the fridge and saw clementines.  I love love love them – their size, their small, and obviously, their taste.  My family always has them around Christmas, so they remind me of my favorite time of the year too!

When my mom get home we hit up CostCo!  I’d never been before because she won’t take me.  It’s apparently dangerous to the check book (yes, the check book.  Momma won’t move into the century of the debit card like everyone else).  We got lots, but mah goodies included:

  • Giant container of organic mixed greens
  • Lifetime (or for me, weeklong) supply of Bubblemint Orbit
  • Blackberries
  • Raspberries
  • Gala apples
  • Grapes
  • Veggie Patch falafel balls
  • Chobsies (4 each of strawberry, peach, and blueberry)
  • Broccoli
  • Butternut squash
  • Mushrooms
  • Rotisserie chicken

Okay, so obviously that’s not all JUST for me, but it’s the food I picked out for my fam’s groceries this week, and essentially what I’ll be eating while I’m home for next 10 glorious days.  I don’t think my mom is prepared for the amount of fruit I actually eat .. and I held back!  I resisted pears, kiwi, cantaloupe, mangoes, and more!  CostCo is sososo much better than BJ’s!

Even though we have all of that amazingness + more (the stuff I didn’t make my mom buy), we went out to Mexican for dinner – hence the fiesta title!

I had a couple chips and salsa.  Ok.  This was the BEST salsa I have ever had.  Obviously homemade, it was the perfect salsa taste.  SUPER fresh.  It really just needed to be hotter (wasn’t spicy at all), but honestly it was so good I didn’t mind.  I ordered the Pollo Oaxaqueño – Grilled chicken breast with molé sauce and cheese over vegetables, with Mexican salad and guacamole.  Again, I asked for no cheese and got the sauce on the side.

I wish I had taken a picture!  The amount of chicken served was ENORMOUS – I cut off a third of the breast and pushed the rest aside.  I ate maybe 4 ounces?  The veggies underneath were definitely cooked in oil, but not too much – they were just ok.  It was onion, green and yellow zucchini and carrots.  The Mexican salad was some cilantro, onion, and black beans.  It came in a little tortilla bowl – so cute!  I threw it in with my chicken and veggies.  It was really good.  The chicken was seasoned so well.  I dipped some in the molé sauce a couple times, but I really didn’t need to use it!

I just watched Food, Inc. – finally!  I’m going to save reviewing that and New Moon for tomorrow.  I’m exhausted and can’t wait to sleep for a longggg time in the most comfortable bed in the world.  Good night!