Yes, I said it.

But first, yesterday. Nothing super special, aside from a day off from exercise.


1/2 granny smith with cinnamon, 3 egg whites with LC Garlic & Herb on WW toast


PC290088.JPG PC290089.JPG
Hummus and hot sauce quesadilla, steamed carrots and green beans with S&P

So simple but so so good. Steamed carrots are amazing. Fresh green beans are amazing. And all they need is a little s&p.

I also snacked on a clemmie on the way out the door to run some errands. Lack of physical activity + slight tummyache = late and comforting dinner.

PC290093.JPG PC290095.JPG
2 Kashi waffles with Peanut Butter & Co.’s Mighty Maple and a pear.

Have you seen Away We Go? I Netflixed it over a week ago but never got around to watching it until last night. It’s really good – not what I was expecting, but so good. John Krasinski is (aside from gorgeous) a great actor. I’d only ever seen him in “The Office” but he has a great range. It was also great to see Maya Rudolph in a non-goofy fun role – she’s great too. I didn’t expect them to have chemistry on screen, but they definitely do. They’re really cute. I highly suggest this movie!

I woke up this morning to some yoga –’s Shoulder Opener #1. Lovely. Then I made breakfast. Uh. Maze. Ing.

PC290099.JPG PC290100.JPG PC290104.JPG PC290119.JPG
Pumpkin Pie Parfait

Using Kath’s recipe as a base, I mixed 1/2 cup of pumpkin with 1 egg white with a tiny bit of TruVia and pumpkin pie spice and microwaved for about 4 minutes. I plopped a vanilla Chobani on top and then crumbled a Kashi Pumpkin Spice granola bar on top.
Now I’m watching Julie & Julia and loving it and wanting to go to Paris now more than ever. Plus i love Stanley Tucci.
The lobster scene is HILARIOUS. We actually did that last Christmas – steamed live lobsters. Well, my step-dad did. Grandma had the biggest problem with it, but she was also on her third cocktail so it may have been exaggerated.
“The day there is a meteorite rushing toward Earth and we have thirty days to live, I am going to spend it eating butter.” Yes, me too. Until then, I’ll cut back in order to live for that day.
Have a great day!

I hope everyone that celebrates is enjoying their night :0)

Dinner part two last night was muy delicioso:

HUGE chopped fuji, Fage, Kashi Heart to Heart

Sooo good. I really liked splitting my dinner into two parts.  I got more in nutrient-wise and didn’t snack again before bed – my apple crisp kept me really satisfied the rest of the night.  I didn’t sleep any better though :(.

I woke up and waited over an hour to eat breakfast, which ended up being a shocker.

Just kidding.

Pomegranate Chobani with Kashi Heart to Heart

I waited til around 11:30 to head to the gym.  My quads were kind of tired this morning, and so was the rest of me, but I figured I’d get into it.  On my way over, I figured I’d do 4 miles.  However, I’m officially bored of the treadmill.  I ended up doing a circuit, per usual:

  • 2 miles in 18:28
  • 10 minutes walking at 3.5mph at incline 8
  • 15 minutes on the stair mill
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical

I was STARVING and cranky when I got home.  My quesadilla could not cook quickly enough.  It’s ugly, I warn you.

La Tortilla Factory wrap with 1/2 cup black beans, diced tomatoes, plain LC wedge, guacamole

Told you.  Is it too late to ask Santa for a quesadilla maker?

For next time: leave out the diced tomatoes, add back in the salsa, maybe Fage in the wrap?  And definitely some Frank’s.

My brother and I watched Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (again) while we waited for dinner .. 3 hours later.  I snacked on some fruit:

banana, grapes, clemmie

Christmas Eve dinner was so good!  I had a baked (in the oven!) sweet potato that tasted like it had butter and maple syrup on it – but not, just nature.  I might write an ode to the sweet potato one day …

Anyway, I also had some green beans with salt and pepper and Omaha Steaks scallop and crap stuffed sole.  YUM.  I heart seafood. No pic.

My step-dad picked up some French ice cream and sorbet dishes from a French bakery nearby.  Honestly, ice cream in the winter does not appeal to me at all.  There was vanilla and chocolate ice cream and raspberry and strawberry sorbet.  I had a taste of my brother’s vanilla – odd texture and way too sweet.  Almost chemically – ick.  Instead, I heated up some apple crisp – shocking, I know.

1/2 a fuji and a Kashi Pumpkin Spice Flax granola plank

I don’t know why I waited so long to try the Pumpkin Spice Flax flavor – it’s so good!  I guess I’m just in love with Honey Toasted 7 Grain.  I’m going to wait to taste it on its own before I do a full review.

Now I’m watching Love Actually per my self-imposed tradition and heading to bed.  Merry Christmas!

Good afternoon!  I just had the best lunch EVER.  But before we get there, let’s backtrack …

Last night I had a few dried apricots right before bed.  Even though I was exhausted, I ended up not falling asleep til around 1!  And I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep 😦  I eventually got up and made some Candy Cane Lane, read blogs and farmed for about an hour and was able to pass back out til a little before 9.  I guess it was that 3 hour nap yesterday .. oops!

Brekkie was disappointing:

3/4 c Fage 0% Plain, 3/4 c Kashi Heart to Heart, 1 c frozen blackberries, 1 c frozen strawberries

The blackberries were so bad.  I guess they were freezer burned to the extreme.  Ironically, the strawberry bag was open in the freezer and they were fine!  I didn’t eat any of the blackberries after I tried them 😦  Opening a new box of Heart to Heart was exciting though – the first handful from a freshly opened bag always tastes the best.  It’s the little things, people.

I set off to Target to finish my Christmas shopping and mail some packages.  Well, my car making weird and loud noises, a FedEx that I thought was a UPS and one closed-down post office later, I gave up and came home to eat.  But we were out of what I had been craving/dreaming about so I went to Stop & Shop since I was frustrated and breakfast wasn’t so great.  This is what I got:

La Tortilla Factory wraps, guacamole, Amy’s burritos, TruVia (from Target), low sodium black beans, sweet potatoes, and two movies – Stand By Me and Clue (also from Target)

I went just for the wraps and black beans, but .. you know.  I decided he guacamole would be an amazing addition to lunch, and the burritos were 2 for $5 … and my mom asked me to get the potatoes.  The two movies from Target were $5 each!  And I wonder I am legitimately broke.  Not okay, really.

BUT LUNCH WAS SERIOUSLY AMAZING. For some reason, I really wanted a black beans quesadilla.  Obviously I had to give in to my cravings.

The Best Dang QuesadiLLa Ever:

  • La Tortilla Factory wrap in Traditional (they didn’t have WW 😦 )
  • plain Laughing Cow wedge
  • 1/2 cup low sodium black beans
  • Plus 0% plain Fage, salsa, and guacamole for dipping/slathering purposes

I Pam-ed a large skillet and spread the LC wedge on half of the wrap.  I added the 1/2 cup of black beans so the cheesy side of the tortilla and carefully put it in the pan.  I let it brown up a little while I got my dippings ready and flipped it with my hands to avoid bean spillage.  After letting the other side toast for a little, I flipped again, less carefully, resulting in some bean leakage – hence, the random scattering of beans on top of the quesadilla.  No harm done.

I forgot how good guacamole is!  I got the 100 calorie snack packs of Wholly Guacamole for easy portion control and only used half here.  Honestly, next time (like, for dinner.  Sorry in advance.) I’d just use salsa and the guac.  I use Greek yogurt for everything else but guacamole is JUST TOO GOOD.  Monday is quesadilla day in our dining hall and I always got them last year.  This year, however, and my awareness of the probably less then stellar ingredients of the ginormous tortilla, questionable chicken, trans-fat filled cooking oil, most likely HFCS-filled guac and full fat sour cream restrained me.  This honestly tasted better than those (which, at the dhall isn’t hard) and is SO much healthier.  Score!  Seriously though, this will probably be dinner too.

I’m making some coffee to take to go FINALLY ship these books out and then I might go running at the trail (not too cold today) or just go to the gym before/after dinner later.  Usually I prefer to get my exercise in in the mornings, but going to the gym in the late afternoon/evening hasn’t been bad at all!  Plus I usually have extra energy then.  Wish me luck!