I suck, I know.  Posting on any sort of schedule is impossible for some reason for me when I’m home.  My body knows it can actually relax and so I end up napping mid-afternoon and then sleeping for 10 hours.  Normal.  I think it’ll be better today – especially since I realized that I probably just have ALLERGIES – duh.  Really, I don’t know why I didn’t think of that before.  Luckily my mom has some allergy stuff I can take so that I won’t be a zombie all week!

After my nap yesterday, I had wanted something crunchy!  Kettlecorn to the rescue:

My mom and I tried to make the broccoli from my sorority’s Thanksgiving dinner.  We threw some broccoli florets in the steamer with a minced clove of garlic and a tablespoon of lemon juice.  It was a fail.  It didn’t taste anything at all like the recipe from Wednesday.  Tonight we’re going to try sautéing the garlic and lemon juice separately and then putting it on the steamed broccoli.  I’ll let you know how it goes.  Dinner was delish, though:

Steamed & mashed butternut squash, fail brocc, and CostCo rotisserie chicken aka heaven in a bird.

The chicken had some questionable ingredients, but it was honestly too good to pass up.  I threw some garlic powder on the broccoli, but it still wasn’t nearly as good as it could have been.  The b-nut squash was AMAZING – so sweet and creamy.  My mom put a little bit of butter (though I wish she hadn’t/would have told me before I ate it) and pepper in it, but it was amazingggg.  I’ll probs include some in my lunch a little later.

After dinner, my mom and I took a trip to Home Goods to get some bedding for my uncle who’s coming in on Tuesday for Thanksgiving.  It was 6:30 and after my nap this afternoon, I was already exhausted.  Honestly ridiculous, body.  Half and hour on the Stair Master should not wear me out this badly.  My tummy wasn’t satisfied from dinner, so when I got home I dominated this Honeycrisp:

Nom nom nom.

Then I was good.  And promptly passed out in a coma-like state for many hours.  Still no movie reviews.  My b.  I swear on Taylor Lautner’s abs they’ll be up tonight!

I woke up around 9, immediately rethinking my planned 4 miler.  I figured I’d just go later, or treadmill it up … even though I secretly knew I would later talk myself out of both those options with a nap.  After some coffee, I decided just to GO.  When I really don’t want to run or go workout, I eat my pre-workout snack.  Then I HAVE to go.  For whatever reason, this works for me mentally.  I had a mini choco-chip Clif bar:

It tasted better than it looks.  Why is it three different shades?  I’m just noticing that and hoping it’s the shadow from my blinds …

I left my iPod downstairs, but I did do 4 miles.  I think my splits were 9:10, 9:11, 9:09, and 8:52.  A SUB 9:00 mile!!!  It’s totally possible I’ve hit that mark at school, but I only time splits on the trail at home since it’s flat and I don’t have to dodge cars.  Yayyyy!  Love love love getting faster and seeing results!  Especially after a week off from running.  I’m out of my running funk, I think.  And thank God.  I do love that elliptical at school, but they don’t have it at my gym at home.  That’s great because it will force to keep running outside over Christmas break!

I came home and made brekkie:

2 Eggo Nutri-Grain waffles, a Braeburn + cinnamon

The fam usually has Kashi waffles, but I guess CostCo only sells Eggo in bulk – hence the two 10-packs in the freezer.  Some icky ingredients, but still super tasty!

My mom and I are going shopping all over town and then I promiseeee my reviews will be up!  See you later!


Good morning afternoon!  I had a GREAT night’s sleep in my own bed that is not the width of crib.  I woke up a little before 10!  I can’t remember the last time I slept in that late – maybe the beginning of summer.  I debated putting off my planned long (5 miles) til later, but knew it would only get harder to go as the day went on.  However, I was also starving.  Lara to the rescue:

I had half of my PB & J Larabar.  I can’t express how good this was.  EXACTLY like a pb & j sandwich.  New favorite flavor, hands down.  Really.  GO BUY ONE.  I should have bought more than one.  Whole Foods IS on my way back to school Sunday … No but seriously – it was amazing.  Perfectly peanut buttery.  The dried cherries were a great “jelly.”  I normally only like strawberry or raspberry jelly, but I love dried cherries – this was a great flavor combo.

I set off to run the trail that I started running (again) on.  It’s such a gorgeous day here – sun shining, leaves changing color, a light breeze, perfectly cool.  It’s the perfect fall day.  I knew the trail would be beautiful and it was.  I didn’t have my camera but I think I might take my dogs back for a walk later so I’ll snap some then.  The trail is about 2.65 miles each way, and I ran the whole thing – 5.3!  It was great.  I was thrilled to see that I had run it in 48:14!!!  When I run at school, there are a lot of hills – and the mountain I live on.  All those hills make me so much stronger and faster on flat trails, but I never get to see that because at school it’s all hills, all the time.

I knew what I wanted for breakfast when I got home – oatmeal with apple and Justin’s Maple Almond Butter.  I opened up the cabinet and found oatmeal and this:



PA291036Oh, look, just a perfect serving left.

PA291045PA291049Awesome nutrish stats and a short, stellar, easily recognizable ingredients list.

In Kool-Aid man voice – OH YES.  I love you, oatmeal, but I had to cheat.  I even made them on the stove!


They looked amazing!  The canister called for just water so I didn’t use any milk.  I was worried they wouldn’t be thick enough, but they definitely were!

1/2 cup multigrain cereal, 1 cup water, dash salt + 1/2 big apple + 1 tablespoon Justin’s Maple Almond Butter

Don’t be jealous.  But … be jealous.  They were awesome.  The multigrain cereal was definitely different than oatmeal, but great in its own way.  It had a chewy texture and a great natural, nutty flavor.  I would probably do 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 cup of milk next time for a creamier texture.

PA291061Apple = spoon

Great new combo for me!  I also had my usual coffee.

While snooping through the fam’s cabinets to see what we have on hand, I found treasure!


TJ's Pumpkin Pancake and Waffle Mix


Pumpkin Chocolate


Pacific Tuscan White Bean and Creamy Butternut Squash Soups

Mom, why have you been holding out on me?  A care package can’t be that hard to compile!  I was assured that we will be seeing the pumpkin pancakes/waffles.  Hopefully we can put that waffle maker I got my stepdad for Christmas a couple years ago to use!  I see soup in my lunch future … perhaps a tasting?  I love being home.

I can’t believe it’s already 1:30!  Up for today:

  • Run
  • Laundry (in progress)
  • Catch up on Google Reader
  • Put dinner in the oven for my mom
  • Mall/Target?
  • Study for tests
  • Write paper

Hmm well at least one thing is crossed off.  Currently I’m wearing gray on gray, watching A Baby Story in my bed surrounded by at least 12 pillows, and calling for my dogs to come snuggle.  Hope you’re as relaxed as I am!

Let’s take it back to breakfast:

PA210929PA210930PA210931Peach Chobani with Multigrain Cheerios

Lunch was eaten in class .. don’t judge, I’m a busy girl:

PA210932PA210933Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin, pepper turkey, romaine, French Onion LC wedge + grapes.

Obviously I am in a meal rut.  That is what happens when I pay $2,000+ a semester for my required meal plan, plus about $40 a week on groceries because I am so busy that I pack my lunch 4 days a week.  I also really like having time to myself in the morning and just having extra time in the morning in general so that my day doesn’t start in a rush.  Hence, eating in the house.  I really try to eat in the dining hall for dinner, but I’m honestly so busy that it’s much more often I go to the grab-and-go or just make something quick in the house.

Honestly, I don’t mind spending the extra money for groceries.  I do pay for school myself, so I’m not wasting my parents’ money on the nasty d-hall food I don’t eat.  I think it’s completely worth it to keep eating healthy and know what I’m putting in my body.  I really try to view my body as a machine and food as my fuel – and why would I put regular in when I can use super plus?

After class, I went for a quick stress-relieving run – about 2.67 in 24:38.  Nice, self.  Immidiately following the run I shoved more grapes down my throat.  They’re just so delish and refreshing!

Dins was lame:


1 c Multi-Grain Cheerios + 1 c Kashi Honey Sunshine with skim

Sorority duties call and there is no time for the dining hall = cereal.  Delicious cereal.  It actually really helped my blood sugar (aka mood) except now I’m craving veggies like no other and my fridge is an epic produce fail at the moment.  Grocery shopping tomorrow is going to be pure bliss/amazement/end of same boring meals everyday.

Before I go find some snackage – one of the notes I submitted to Operation Beautiful is going to be in the book!!!!  I’m so so excited!  A couple others will be on the site tomorrow, so be sure to check it out!  Thanks again Caitlin!

P.S. Also be sure to check out Peanut Butter and Jenny’s Fiber One muffin giveaway!  I’ve heard these muffins are delish nomnomnom

So back to yesterday afternoon …

Two hours after I ate my lunch at work, I was hungry again.  Luckily I had packed for such an emergency.


A Clif Mini Mojo Bar in Dipped Chocolate Peanut that I snagged at my school’s Health Fair a few weeks ago.  It was pretty good.  Chocolately, peanutty – and with pretzels too!  I think I need the full-sized bar to give a full review though.  Also, it went down pretty fast …

Anyway, still in a not-great mood in the afternoon, I rushed home from work, threw on some running clothes (shorts and a t-shirt, because it was in the mid-sixties) and ran my same 4-mile route from the day before.  Again, I love that route.  And running just made me feel SO MUCH better.

Still, I escaped to Starbucks to be alone and write a paper for a few hours.  On the way over, I picked up my daily dinner wrap to go.  I got a Venti Iced Green Tea (unsweetened) and whipped out the giant hummus container I brought with me to slather on my wrap.  Yes, I got looks, but from a man who was doing a wood carving .. at Starbucks.  So I just looked right back.  I also whipped out a Tupperware container full of frozen grapes and devoured them.  At least it was healthy emotional eating.  I actually did get my paper done in between blog reading and general procrastination, so that’s good.  After being alone for a few hours off campus, I did feel much much better and came home in a good mood.

Last night after my shower, my legs felt and still do feel a little stiff from running a distance I just recently worked up to two days in a row.  Today I have a gym date planned for after work with my new Women’s Health.

Breakfast was boring.  Just some eggs that needed to be eaten and an apple:

PA200914Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin with 1 egg + 1 egg white, a Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedge, and a Golden Delicious (?) snagged from the d-hall.

The usual cup of coffee was also consumed.

Not long ago (3 days) I posted pictures of the snow outside.  Today, high 68.  Tomorrow, high 69.  Connecticut MAKE UP YOUR MIND.  New England is so fickle in seasons.  Be back for lunch!