Good afternoon!

Little did I know that yesterday when I achieved a new yoga pose for the first time (wheel!) that it was National Yoga Day! Little things like that make me happy :0)

Yesterday at the gym I rocked out on the elliptical for 45 minutes, did some planks, crunches, and yoga moves in the mat area. When the middle aged woman next to me whipped out a HEADSTAND and several other intense yoga poses without toppling over, I threw out a few wheels in celebration. She didn’t seem to notice. I held back an intense desire to strike up a conversation about yoga with her and ask her to be my guru. After one ab machine, I gained the courage to do a couple arm machines – um … arm extension is awkward. I started out with 30 lbs. = HAHAHA I managed to get out 12 reps, then switched to 15 lbs. for 12 more reps, and down to 10 lbs. for the final set. I legitimately have no arm/upper body strength. Really must work on this. I also did 3 sets of 12 reps on the overhead press, again on a sad 10 lbs. Barely got them out. To make myself feel better about my lack of arm strength, I sped through a mile on the treadmill, incline 1, in 9 minutes.

After stopping to get my beastly eyebrows waxed and literally pick up apples, oranges, and carrots at Big Y, I headed on home to make lunch.

Buffalo crackwich with spinach + a pink orange!

There was another half to that wrap that made its way into my mouth before the camera could capture it. Soooo my oranges are pink! I got confused and thought I bought a mini grapefruit or something by accident, but nope! The sticker on the other one is pink and says they’re Cara Cara Navels from Sunkist! I never knew there were pink oranges, but it was a fun surprise!
This lunch was soo good and satisfying! For dinner, I headed over to the restaurant at the Student Union with two of my sisters. Like other times, I got the “Sesame Encrusted Grilled Tuna Steak with Wasabi MayoSesame encrusted grilled tuna steak topped with baby field greens, avocado, red onion & cucumber with spicy wasabi mayo on a toasted kaiser roll. Served with a mixed green salad or chips.”

No pic, sorry! It’s not very attractive anyway, but I do love it! I got the sandwich on multigrain bread instead of the white kaiser roll, wasabi mayo on the side (it’s super super spicy!) and ate it open face on only one slice of bread. I always get the wasabi mayo on the side because it is STRONG, so I just dab some on with my knife as I go. On the side, I got a mixed green salad with their champagne vinaigrette. I dipped my fork into the dressing before stabbing my mixed greens – perfect amount!
For dessert, I stole the two maraschino cherries off of my friends’ brownie sundaes – yum!
After dinner, we headed over to the NPHC step-show. The NPHC is the umbrella organization for historically black fraternities and sororities. If you don’t know what stepping is, YouTube it NOW! It’s so amazing and entertaining. It was really fun but we were exhausted (22 year olds have early bed times) and left kind of early. Before bed, I snacked on some popcorn:
Popcorn is quickly becoming my nightly go-to snack. I love the crunch and salt! Must restock …
I woke up this morning – arms and back sore from machines and the wheel! – and repeated my YogaDownload.Com favorite podcast of Morning Flow #1. Because I was a little sore, getting into wheel was a bit more difficult today, but I did it!
Breakfast was a repeat:
P1230244.JPG P1230245.JPG
Coffee with skim and PureVia, Plain 0% Chobz, MultiGrain Cheerios, and banana with a side of yoga mat

After breakfast I did some work in bed and eventually headed over to the school gym. I had a lot of energy and thought I wanted to run, but after 5 minutes on the treadmill, I got bored of staring at the pool and switched to elliptical. I spent an hour on a random setting and did some reading for Nutrition Through the Lifecycle. My friends came and made fun of me for doing school reading the first week of school, but I like it! And also, it’s science, which I really need to keep up with as I’m not so great at it.
Lunch was made quickly after returning:
P1240246.JPG P1240247.JPG P1240248.JPG P1240249.JPG
3 egg whites in a Flat Out with a Garlic & Herb LC wedge, Frank’s and salsa + a Gala with cinnamon

I accidentally opened the cap off the cinnamon bottle instead of just flipping it up, and so got a pile of cinn on 3 apple slices. Oh well, I just shook it off and made a cinnamon dipping pool! The wrap was so good – Flat Out wraps are so fluffy and soft – they go great with egg whites!
Right now I’m feeling kind of snacky .. better go find something!

Good afternoon bloggies! I wasn’t actually hungry after posting last night and thought it might help me sleep if I wasn’t digesting a snack. I don’t know if that’s why, but I actually slept restfully though the night! I’m going to try to stop snacking after dinner for the next few nights to see if it helps me sleep better.

I found the new Chobani flavors at Stew Leonard’s the other day and bought two of each! I used the raspberry in today’s breakfast:

Raspberry Chobani and Kashi Heart to Heart

Sooo good! Also had a coffee with skim and Truvia :0)

My friend Emily IMed me and asked me to meet her at the gym. My hamstrings are still a little sore and after my bad run yesterday, I just wanted to take it easy – luckily, so did she. I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 19:30:

  • Mile 0-0.5: 6mph, incline 1
  • Mile 0.5-1: 6.1mph, incline 1
  • Mile 1-1.3: 6.1mph, incline 2
  • Mile 1.3-1.5: 6.1mph, incline 1
  • Mile 1.5: 6.2mph, incline 1
  • Mile 1.6: 6.3mph, incline 1
  • Mile 1.7: 6.4mph, incline 1
  • Mile 1.8: 6.5mph, incline 1
  • Mile 1.9: 6.6mph, incline 1

I headed over to the elliptical and watched The Biggest Loser: Families while I ellipticalled up and down a mountain on level 7 for half an hour and finished up with 10 minutes on the stair mill. I did on a minute on level 3, alternated minutes on levels 4 and 5, and finished with a minute on level 3. I also stretched my hamstrings out a lot and they feel so good :0)

Lunch was essentially a snack plate:

3 egg whites with salt, pepper, and Frank’s in a Joseph’s WW tortilla with a plain LC wedge and salsa + carrots and garlic hummus + half a Granny Smith with cinn

Yum! Off to shower and clean my room! What are you up to today?

I’ll be honest – I kind of lost track of the day after Christmas.

I’m assuming this was dinner?

Shrimp and black bean burrito with guac and hot sauce + carrots and salsa
It was great and NEW!
  • La Tortilla Factory wrap
  • Romaine (would shred it next time … good thing I eat with my family)
  • Black beans
  • Leftover shrimpies
  • Laughing Cow
  • Guacamole
  • Frank’s Red Hot

While impatiently waiting for your burrito to cook, this is a good snack:


Is guac the new hummus?

I also found it necessary to have two salsas for carrot dippage/burrito slatherage: Tostitos and this newbie:

You know you’re a foodie when you get specialty salsa in your Christmas stocking.

It’s pretty good! Spicier than I was expecting and not too sweet. I had a strawberry Chobani with granola later on, but you’ve seen that.
Yesterday’s breakfast was nothing new but still amazing.
Chopped warmed fuji, cinnamon, TruVia, skim, and Kashi Heart to Heart

I headed to the gym, intent on 4 miles on the treadmill trying not to fall off out of boredom. However, this guy


got me to 5 in 47:02. I love you, Elliot Stabler. I also did some reps on the hip adduction and abduction machines and the glute machine. That’s all it is called, apparently. Just glute. Anyway, I came home and made a semi-new lunch:

PC270033.JPG PC270034.JPG
Shrimp and black bean salad!
  • Romaine
  • Peas
  • Corn
  • Sugar snap peas
  • Shrimp
  • Black beans
  • Annie’s Lite Gingerly Vinaigrette

Plus a side of Kashi crackers in Original 7 Grain. So good! And filling, until those 5 miles caught up to me and I needed a Santa snack plate.

Carrots, sugar snap peas, hummus and Frank’s

Dinner part one was pretty obvious:
Sweet potato with black beans, Fage, and Frank’s Red Hot

I also had a new tea with dinner. My step-aunts gave my mom this cool tea cup and set from Tea Forte:
PC270050.JPG PC270049.JPG
It includes:
  • Sweet Orange Spice
  • Winter Chai
  • Crimson Nectar
  • English Breakfast
  • White Ambrosia

I chose the Winter Chai, described as:


The holidays aren’t over until after New Year’s, right? Here’s what it looks like out of the box and “unwrapped.” The tea bag itself is very nice – almost like silk. And I love the tiny leaf for the string!

PC270053.JPG PC270054.JPG PC270055.JPG

I followed the directions:

And got this:


So cute! I really loved the Winter Chai flavor. It was perfectly spiced and sweet. Definitely reminded me of winter, but I can picture it tasting amazing iced in the summer too, with milk. The sweetness was seriously perfect. I didn’t need to add any sweetener but it wasn’t at all overpowering. I can’t wait to try the other flavors!

The cup there is double-insulated, so it keeps the tea warm but your hands cool. It was really fun to use, I even had another cup of tea (the last of my Candy Cane Lane 😦 ) in it a little while later!

I was really craving veggies and volume today, so dinner part two was another salad:
Romaine, corn, black beans, salsa, and guac with a toasted sandwich thin.

With my baby Little Mermaid fork because otherwise I take huge bites and eat too fast. I ended the night with a clemmie:
Have a great day!
Edited to add:  Don’t miss Iowa Girl Eats’ VitaTop giveaway here!  Or wait, actually do, because I WANT THEM!

Good afternoon!  I just had the best lunch EVER.  But before we get there, let’s backtrack …

Last night I had a few dried apricots right before bed.  Even though I was exhausted, I ended up not falling asleep til around 1!  And I woke up at 5:30 and couldn’t get back to sleep 😦  I eventually got up and made some Candy Cane Lane, read blogs and farmed for about an hour and was able to pass back out til a little before 9.  I guess it was that 3 hour nap yesterday .. oops!

Brekkie was disappointing:

3/4 c Fage 0% Plain, 3/4 c Kashi Heart to Heart, 1 c frozen blackberries, 1 c frozen strawberries

The blackberries were so bad.  I guess they were freezer burned to the extreme.  Ironically, the strawberry bag was open in the freezer and they were fine!  I didn’t eat any of the blackberries after I tried them 😦  Opening a new box of Heart to Heart was exciting though – the first handful from a freshly opened bag always tastes the best.  It’s the little things, people.

I set off to Target to finish my Christmas shopping and mail some packages.  Well, my car making weird and loud noises, a FedEx that I thought was a UPS and one closed-down post office later, I gave up and came home to eat.  But we were out of what I had been craving/dreaming about so I went to Stop & Shop since I was frustrated and breakfast wasn’t so great.  This is what I got:

La Tortilla Factory wraps, guacamole, Amy’s burritos, TruVia (from Target), low sodium black beans, sweet potatoes, and two movies – Stand By Me and Clue (also from Target)

I went just for the wraps and black beans, but .. you know.  I decided he guacamole would be an amazing addition to lunch, and the burritos were 2 for $5 … and my mom asked me to get the potatoes.  The two movies from Target were $5 each!  And I wonder I am legitimately broke.  Not okay, really.

BUT LUNCH WAS SERIOUSLY AMAZING. For some reason, I really wanted a black beans quesadilla.  Obviously I had to give in to my cravings.

The Best Dang QuesadiLLa Ever:

  • La Tortilla Factory wrap in Traditional (they didn’t have WW 😦 )
  • plain Laughing Cow wedge
  • 1/2 cup low sodium black beans
  • Plus 0% plain Fage, salsa, and guacamole for dipping/slathering purposes

I Pam-ed a large skillet and spread the LC wedge on half of the wrap.  I added the 1/2 cup of black beans so the cheesy side of the tortilla and carefully put it in the pan.  I let it brown up a little while I got my dippings ready and flipped it with my hands to avoid bean spillage.  After letting the other side toast for a little, I flipped again, less carefully, resulting in some bean leakage – hence, the random scattering of beans on top of the quesadilla.  No harm done.

I forgot how good guacamole is!  I got the 100 calorie snack packs of Wholly Guacamole for easy portion control and only used half here.  Honestly, next time (like, for dinner.  Sorry in advance.) I’d just use salsa and the guac.  I use Greek yogurt for everything else but guacamole is JUST TOO GOOD.  Monday is quesadilla day in our dining hall and I always got them last year.  This year, however, and my awareness of the probably less then stellar ingredients of the ginormous tortilla, questionable chicken, trans-fat filled cooking oil, most likely HFCS-filled guac and full fat sour cream restrained me.  This honestly tasted better than those (which, at the dhall isn’t hard) and is SO much healthier.  Score!  Seriously though, this will probably be dinner too.

I’m making some coffee to take to go FINALLY ship these books out and then I might go running at the trail (not too cold today) or just go to the gym before/after dinner later.  Usually I prefer to get my exercise in in the mornings, but going to the gym in the late afternoon/evening hasn’t been bad at all!  Plus I usually have extra energy then.  Wish me luck!

Yesterday was such an off day.  I didn’t run or go to the gym and I didn’t post – I was just so tired.  So tired that after my 3 classes I went home to nap instead of going to work because I literally couldn’t keep my eyes open.  I got enough sleep the night before, I’ve just always had days where I’m exhausted and there’s nothing I can do but sleep.  It hasn’t happened much lately, but it’s definitely a noticeable pattern in my life.  Anyone else have those days?  Plus, my thighs were still sore from Saturday’s run and I’ve been getting this sharp pain in my back the past couple of days when I move my neck in certain positions.  I’ve had this before too, but never for more than a day.  This semester has been/is so exhausting in every way and I guess it’s just really starting to wear on me. 

The only exciting thing I ate yesterday was the salsa/hummus dip from someone’s blog who I’ve forgotten- my B.  I always combine these two things on my salads, but never thought about mixing them together for a veggie dip.  It was epic.

Picture 010Picture 011Picture 0092 tbsp plain hummus + 2 heaping tbsp roasted garlic sala with carrot sticks

I packed this as part of my lunch at work, but ended up eating it as a snack after my nap.  It was delish!

This morning I woke up early to finish a paper and started off with this:

Picture 012The usual coffee + a banana and Faulkner

I thought I might go running, but by the time my paper was done, it was too late to run and shower and get ready, so instead I went back to bed for a little bit.  Then I had this bowl of awesomeness:

Picture 013Picture 014Picture 015Vanilla Chobani with a teeny tiny apple and 1/4 cup Kashi GoLean Crunch

Soooo so good!  And pretty too!

Since I didn’t go running this morning and still had a two-part breakfast, I was happily satisfied through class (with a delicious cup of Candy Cane Lane).  Usually my stomach is growling angrily by 11:50.  It was a nice change. 

On my way to work I grabbed the Tuscan White Bean salad from the Student Union:

Picture 016Picture 017Great office lighting + romaine and mixed greens with green beans, white bean salad, diced tomatoes, and banana peppers.

I love this salad!  Honestly, it has so many great things – I love the plump, fresh green beans, the white beans, and banana peppers!  To think I didn’t even know what they were before a month or two ago.  I thought they were more like bell peppers, which I don’t like, but they’re a chili pepper, which I love!  I asked for the dressing on the side as usual, but I didn’t need it – with so many flavors in the toppings, it’s just unnecessary.

A day or two ago, I was in the kitchen when one of my sisters came in and asked me what I took besides Rolaids to ease my stomach issues.  I realized I didn’t take anything anymore (including Rolaids) because I no longer have these problems – indigestion, heart burn, etc.  I used to chew Rolaids and Maalox tablets like it was my job

Let’s take a look at a typical day of eating the past year or so:
Breakfast:  White flour english muffin with non-natural peanut butter, a hard boiled egg or two, greasy & fried breakfast potatoes with HFCD-laden ketchup OR a broccoli and onion omelet (whole or egg whites only, I switched it up) cooked in a generous amount of vegetable oil, with the greasy & fried breakfast potatoes and the HFCS-laden ketchup.
Lunch:  A 750+ calorie salad with fried tortilla strips and trans-fat full dressing OR a traditional PB+J on whole wheat with french fries and ketchup OR a turkey, American cheese, and lettuce sandwich on whole wheat with fries and ice cream.  Maybe an apple for dessert.
Dinner:  A heaping plate of white flour pasta with tomato-alfredo sauce + vegetables, sauteed in vegetable oil and a white flour breadstick OR a bowl of white flour pasta with butter and parmesan.  Ice cream sundae for dessert.
Snacks:  Half a bag of tortilla chips, a huge brownie or cookie, Sour Patch Kids, etc.

I 100% believe that my diet, which I thought to be fairly healthy, is why I had so many stomach problems.  I did try: I put veggies in my omelet and pasta, got a lot of protein, ate whole wheat bread – although I’ve never like white EVER.  But I often wondered why I weighed the amount that I did.  Then I started reading food blogs and counting calories.  OH.  My guess is that I was taking in around 3,000 calories a day.  To be honest, I consider what I weighed low for the amount that I ate.  I remember a friend telling me in high school (when I still ran and ate relatively better than I did the first 3 years of college) that I was pretty thin for the amount of food that I ate.  I suppose it was a compliment, but it always stuck with me: how much DID I eat? 

A lot.

I am still in “weight loss” mode because I haven’t hit where I’m comfortable with my body yet.  There are days where I do just want to eat how I used to and not care.  But I know that’s not healthy, and I would not be happy.  There are also days (most days ..) when I can’t wait (just typed weight) to be in maintenance.  But I know that it will be soon (!!) and I’m proud of myself for working so hard to get where I am.  I used to go through phases of working out and being healthy-ish, and I worried a lot about what would happen when I came back to school this fall.  I worried I would fall back  into my old routines and regain all of my weight back and undo all of the hard work I put in this summer.  But I didn’t.  I made the decision to be healthy for life.  I know that this isn’t a phase and I really can’t wait to see what else I achieve in my new lifestyle.

Now I’m off to find a healthy stuffing recipe for my sorority’s Thanksgiving dinner next week ..

In other news, I’ll definitely be upping my strength and core work thanks to Angela’s newest challenge!  Check it out here.

I always get so behind on weekends!  This one was particularly busy, though .. let’s go back to Saturday morning …

After my run I made some apple oats:
PB061200PB0612011/2 cup oats, 1/4 cup skim, 1/4 cup water, 1/2 a Braeburn, and cinnamon

This bowl of oatmeal was very creamy!  I don’t know if it was because I put the apple in with the oats in the microwave or what, but I loved it!  I don’t think I’ll put the apple in with the oatmeal to cook again though, I like mine better cool and crunchy.  It’s just such a good texture/taste contrast with the oatmeal.  Heated up, I really couldn’t even taste the apple.

After breakfast Saturday I went food shopping.  Here’s the one picture of all my goodies before my camera died:
Horrible picture but here’s what I got:

  • Organic, cage-free eggs (cheaper than Big Y brand?!?!)
  • 2 blueberry Chobanis
  • 2 vanilla Chobanis
  • Grapes
  • Some Macintosh apples
  • Pepper turkey
  • Sandwich thins
  • Carrots
  • Plain hummus
  • Roasted garlic salsa
  • Coke Zero

Yesss!  I was SO excited to finallyyyy find the Celestial Seasonings holiday teas – and 2 for $5!!  I haven’t had Candy Cane Lane yet, but Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride smells and tastes exactly like a sugar cookie – I’m addicted!

I made lunch as soon as I got back:
PB071208PB071210PB071212PB071214Arnold’s MultiGrain Sandwich Thin with pepper turkey, romaine, and an LC light swiss wedge, half a Braeburn with cinnamon, and carrots with salsa and hummus + Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride tea!!

It was a great lunch, especially healthy in preparation for our semi-formal later Saturday night.  It didn’t start til 8 and we were supposed to get served dinner right when we got there, but of course we didn’t eat til 9:30.  In anticipation of an extremely late dinner, I snacked on some grapes before I left for my friend’s apartment to get ready.  Before we went to take pictures with everyone, I had a Clif Mojo Trailmix bar – my favorite!  At our other friend’s apartment, I snacked on a bunch of honey wheat pretzel sticks – they were SO good and SO addicting!

Like I said, we were supposed to get served dinner at 8, but they didn’t put the buffet out until 9:30!!  I had two small breadstick-like items when they brought them out, and a salad with some romaine and one slice of tomato with some sort of honey dressing?  I ended up taking two pictures during the night.  One of the was of my dinner.  Typical.

PB071217REALLY GOOD roasted red potatoes, steamed veggies, and some chicken – I think it was chicken marsala?

It was all actually pretty good, especially the potatoes!  For dessert, we had pieces of rolled-up ice cream cake – you know what I’m talking about.  I just had two bites of a friend’s – I was pretty full from all of my pre-semi snacking and dinner.  It was a really fun night!  I stayed at my friend’s apartment to keep her company and we went to bed as soon as we got back.  We’re old, what can I say?

I treated her to a surprisingly good dining hall breakfast the next morning.  They had so much great fruit!  Maybe I should start eating there more for breakfast…but of course it’s not usually so great.  I had some watermelon (!!), cantaloupe, two hard boiled eggs, and a piece of whole wheat toast with Smart Promise and coffee.  I spent the afternoon writing a paper at the library.  I packed a boring turkey sandwich with grapes and carrots for lunch and had an iced coffee while I was there.

Dinner was eaten anxiously at the dining hall – we were waiting for our sorority’s new slate of positions to come out!  I’m a nerd, but I love that kind of stuff.  Especially as a graduating senior, I wanted to know who we were leaving in charge.  Overall, I’m really really happy and proud of all of our new officers, I know they’re going to do an amazing job!  However, the slate isn’t passed yet (it has to sit for a week) so they’re not “official” yet.  Anyway, food.  I had some turkey rice soup that was really good but SO SO SO salty.  It was messing with my stomach all night and today I’m definitely puffy from all that sodium and still feel gross.  I’m basically going to just guzzle water all day and try to flush it out of my system.

Yesterday I was too tired and busy doing homework to go to the gym or on a run – but it was so gorgeous out!  Sunny and about 60 degrees!  So weird for Connecticut in November but I’ll take it.  The next few days are supposed to be the same way!  This morning I got up at 6, made coffee and ate half of this apple before I did 4.06 miles in 37 minutes exactly!

I do already feel better after running, but I’m just going to down water all day – which goes perfectly with operation hydration … which hasn’t been going so well, along with operation strength.  Ooops!

What are some good foods/drinks to de-saltify (it’s not a word, but whatever) your body?  I feel like I’ve heard peppermint can help … What a great excuse to try out Candy Cane Lane!  I’m just going to go check on my crops before breakfast …

I’m finallyyy ending my day after starting it this morning at 7!  My alarm went off at six to go for that 2.5 miler, but obviously that didn’t happen since it was still dark out – ugh – and I needed just that extra hour of sleep.

I got up and made some breakfast before getting on the bus for my school’s Homecoming football game:

PA160808PA160811Arnold’s 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Thin with 1 egg + 1 egg white, a Laughing Cow Garlic & Herb wedge with some salsa and some sort of apple stolen from the dining hall.

We got to the game a little after 9 and started tailgating!  The fraternity we did Homecoming with and their parents cooked up a ton of burgers and hot dogs for everyone.  It was so much fun to just hang out with all of my sisters and the guys.  Thankfully we had a gorgeous day – although a little cold – since it was originally supposed to rain.  Around 11:30 I whipped out the sandwich I had packed in the morning, since I didn’t know what we’d be eating and didn’t feel like beef.

-1Another sandwich thin with pepper turkey, romaine, and a Laughing Cow Light Swiss wedge.

I also packed grapes and a granola bar but didn’t eat them.  We went into the game a little before halftime to see our sister, who is Homecoming Queen, greet everyone on the field.  It was REALLY windy in the stadium and the bus was scheduled to leave at 2:15 so we didn’t stay in the game that long – it was honestly just too cold and there aren’t enough seats for all of the student tickets they sell.

As soon as we got back to the house around 3, I stuck in my earplugs and fell asleep for a glorious 3-hour nap.  Not working out in a couple days was making me feel gross and it messes with my metabolism – I wasn’t hungry at all.  I went to the gym and did 2.5 miles in just under 25 minutes.  I cooled down with a 10-minute walk and a 10-minute StairMaster sesh.

It’s 8:30 now and I’m still not that hungry (weird) but I’m going to just go make a quick salad since I know I should eat something.  I also reallyyyy need to drink more water in general, but I didn’t have any today – just coffee and after my run I’m really feeling it.

Off to catch up on Grey’s, food, and my Google Reader!