After spending 6 hours in the library yesterday and 8 and half there today, it’s depressing to know that classes aren’t even over for the semester yet. Even though I’ve been super busy, I have found time to try a few new purchases:

Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr in Orange & Ginger

Siggi’s Icelandic Orange & Ginger Skyr Opinion
The tartness of the yogurt goes really well with the refreshing citrus and ginger – amazing! 5/5.
Texture: Thick like soft serve! With real tiny ginger chunks at the bottom! 5/5.
Fill Factor:
Great for a snack! Definitely need toppings and/or a piece of fruit for a meal. 4/5.
Ingredients: “Pasteurized skim milk, agave nectar, candied ginger, orange extract, live active cultures, vegetable rennet.” 5/5.
Comments: This was so different than any other yogurt I’ve had. As with the plain and blueberry flavors, I LOVED it and wish they were sold at stores other than Whole Foods for a better availability and also cheaper! But this is definitely a product I’ll go out of my way to get at WF.

Amy’s Black Bean Burrito slathered with Fage and Frank’s

Amy’s Black Bean Burrito Opinion
Yummy! Love the black beans, veggies, and spices. Pretty authentic tasting for a frozen burrito. 4/5.
Mostly mush, but that could be my fault since it’s been in freezer for a while and I used the microwave to heat it up. Could still see beans and other veggies though! 3/5.
Fill Factor:
For only 280 calories, I ate it with a couple carrots and some sugar snap peas and I was set for the rest of the night. 4/5.
“Organic whole wheat & wheat flour, filtered water, organic onions, organic black beans, organic potatoes, organic corn, organic broccoli, organic bell peppers, organic tomatoes, organic kidney beans, expeller pressed high safflower oil, sweet rice flour, spices, organic garlic, organic green chiles, sea salt, organic jalapeno peppers, tapioca flour.” Mostly organic and vegan! 4/5.
This was so delicious – perfect for when I’m craving Mexican without the frightening nutritionals. 8g of fat (1g saturated), no trans fat or cholesterol, 9g of protein and 580mg of sodium – kind of high, but not nearly as high as most canned soups and other frozen meals!

Choc Peppermint Stick.jpg
Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna Bar

Luna Chocolate Peppermint Stick Opinion
“I’m eating a thin mint.” 5/5.
Chewy and crunchy like a rice krispy treat with a yummy peppermint-bark like icing! 5/5.
Fill Factor:
Held me over for around 3 hours yesterday, could have gone longer! 5/5.
Very long list, but nothing too scary – and 70% organic! Plus lotssss of vitamins and minerals!  4/5.
Thin mints I’ve missed you in my life. Now I don’t have to. Dear Luna, make a magical bar that tastes like a Samoa. Thanks.

Odwalla Super Protein Bar

Odwalla Super Protein Bar Opinion
Taste: Nothing special. Subtly sweet, but with no really specific taste aside from the raisins. Very slightly nutty from the soynut butter.  2/5.
Texture: It stuck to my teeth when biting into it, but was very chewy and grainy in a good way. Perfect density.   4/5.
Fill Factor: Held me over for 4 hours! That’s what 14 grams of protein will do for you. 5/5.
Ingredients: Again, pretty long but nothing terrifying. A lot of soy products (nutbutter, protein, etc.) so not for those who try to avoid processed soy.  3/5.
Comments: Definitely nothing great here, but I’d try it again, especially since I know it fills me up! It’s a really good size bar too.

Like yesterday, my packed library lunch was a spinach, hummus, and raisin sandwich on a deli flat and an apple with cinnamon.
Yesterday’s snack was the Chocolate Peppermint Stick Luna, today’s was the Odwalla Super Protein. Are we sensing a trend? It continued into dinner:
IMG00074.jpg IMG00073.jpg
Crackberry pic of a Morningstar Mushroom Lovers burger with a plain LC wedge, Frank’s and spinach in a whole wheat wrap+ sweet potato fries and ketchup.

Dinner was so good and VERY filling – I’m still stuffed.
After dinner I headed to Big Y to pick up some supplies for the week:

  • Grapes
  • Macintoshes
  • Tub of hummus
  • Plain 0% Chobani
  • Carrots
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Black beans
  • Luna bars – Chocolate Peppermint Stick, White Chocolate Macadamia Nut, Lemon Zest, and Peanut Butter Cookie

I’m hoping it’s not too frigid for a run tomorrow morning, but at 7am it’s supposed to be 26 degrees – guess I’ll be bundling! Hope they salted the sidewalks, they were still kind of icy this morning. At least I won’t get frostbite de-snowing my car with a tupperware lid again ….


Upcoming finals = sporadic posts. I still have one more week of classes before that torture begins and I’m trying to catch up on all the work my professors thought it would be fun to assign us the week before finals. I think they get paid extra for the amount of tears seen around campus this time of year.

Some highlights:

Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr in Orange & Ginger (review soon!) with Cranberry Fitness Trailmix

The return of the hummus, spinach, and raisin sandwich.

Being the only person in the library.

Delicious dinner including an Amy’s Black Bean Burrito (review soon!) with Fage and Frank’s

Christmas tree!
My ornament.
Starbucks Thanksgiving Blend and OPI’s Mrs. O’Leery’s BBQ.

Yes, Thanksgiving blend. I just went in there and asked for Christmas blend, but they’re still brewing the Thanksgiving blend. That’s what you get for Storrs, CT, where the cows outnumber the people.
Why are so many foodie items so difficult for me to find? I finally got pumpkin pie yogurt at the end of November, so naturally I’ll be drinking Christmas blend by Valentine’s Day.
I really wanted to run this morning because the snow is so pretty! But, I decided to take today off after yesterday’s incredibly slow 4 miler (41 minutes). Yeah, my legs and I are fighting. So I thought I’d give them today to cool down. Probably best that way, since the roads are fine but the sidewalks are still icy.
Trying to write a cover letter now .. in the cafe because the library isn’t even open yet.

Last night, I had a bedtime snack of some unpictured dried apricots.  I’m crediting this smart snack decision with this morning’s best run ever, which included a new PDR – 6.34 miles!

I woke up, tried to talk myself out of running, made some coffee and had half a Chocolate Hazelnut Jocalat bar (camera battery was dead this morning), made a bangin’ playlist, threw on my new Lululemon Wunder Unders and Brisk Run Headband (and a shirt for good measure – long sleeved, to be exact), and drove to the trail intending to do the whole loop of a little over 5 miles.

As usual, I tried talking myself into settling for 3 miles, then at least 4, but as I passed the half-mile mark, I knew I would run the whole valley.  I felt so so good.  My legs and hips felt great, and mentally I was in a glorious place – the place of knowing I was having an amazing run.  I’m sure starting the best run ever with this Lady didn’t hurt either.

Early on, I told myself not to push it – I really have a problem pacing myself.  It’s a learning process that not every run has to be the fastest, that I need easy days too.  Consciously slowing down was a huge factor.

Just after I turned around at the halfway mark, I was thinking how much I want to run 6 miles and when I would be able to do that.  I wondered if my friend Emily would run it with me.  Then I realized that I was having a great run, mentally and physically – so why not just do it today? When I got to the end of my run (the beginning of the trail), I could just turn around and tack on another mile by running to the half-mile marker and turning around again.  Amazingly, I didn’t try talking myself out of it.  I even considered making it 7 miles, but I knew that was pushing it and that I should have brought some extra fuel for 7 miles.

My knees and hips started annoying me around mile 4, but I just kept going.  When I got to the end of the trail, I turned around and did another quick mile. Total = 6.34ish miles in 1:02.

Maybe it’s because it was on a looped route, but it didn’t feel like that big of a deal.  But it is.  But it doesn’t feel like it.  Does that ever happen to you – you reach a new goal and you don’t feel accomplished?

I actually wasn’t hungry for a while when I got back and ended up eating an hour and a half later.  Sometimes exercise does that to me.  I ended up making some yumminess for brunch though:

1 egg + 2 egg whites omelet with spinach and feta with Frank, half an apple on a Pepperidge Farm 7 Grain Deli Flat with cinn

It’s true.  I’m cheating on Arnold with the Pepp.  Stop & Shop only had rye sammie thins left and I’ve been digging the multigrain goodness so I decided to try the deli flats.  I think I’ll go back to Arnold after these are gone.  My omelet was great though – spinach and feta is one of my favorite types!

On our 29823498th grocery shopping trip of the week, I had a hazelnut coffee with skim and Sweet & Low (ew) – I was exhausted all afternoon.  I also sampled some cranberry cheese on a Dr. Kracker.  If only both items hadn’t cost my first born (okay, so $11 and $8, but still).  Major nomminess.

Before dinner I snacked on some grapies and then devoured this amazeballs plate:

Corfu pockletless pita with 4 Veggie Patch falafel balls and Sabra tzatziki, plus sugar snap peas, carrots, and brocc with hummus

Lighting sucks and I was too hungry to maneuver around my house for a decent photo.  First time ever having tzatziki and wondering how I ever dressed my balls without it.  Could have used some Frank’s, but I was too lazy.  Wish the pita had been whole wheat but it was amazing so whatever.  Apparently have become too lazy to use pronouns.

Haircut (to debut later).


Siggi’s Plain Icelandic Skyr with Stew Leonard’s Cranberry Fitness trail mix

That trail mix is my favorite, but me and trail mix are a problem.  The problem being that a portion size equals an entire bag.  Luckily, they started making snack packs.  Our love is reignited.  It has peanuts, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pepitas and maybe cashews and more?  I’m not sure.

Mmmm look how thick!  Like soft serve …

Siggi’s Icelandic Plain Skyr Opinion
Tart, tangy, delish.  5/5.
Texture: As thick and creamy as soft serve, fo realz.  5/5.
Fill Factor:
Again, I didn’t eat it alone, but I think alone or with mix-ins, it would be a great snack/large meal, depending on your choice of toppings and hunger level.  4/5.
Ingredients: “Pasteurized skim milk, live active cultures, vegetable rennet.”  As to close to perfect as it could be.  5/5.

I’m hungry again.

As much as that song should remind me of Christmas time, it actually reminds me of my favorite commercial – the Staples ones that comes on in early August, with the dad dancing around the store merrily throwing school supplies into his cart .. anyone?

Anyway, breakfast was something new:

Siggi’s Icelandic Blueberry Skyr with a Kashi Honey Toasted 7 Grain granola plank

I was surprised when I opened it to find this:

That is was already blue, I mean.  I’m used to Chobani’s fruit at the bottom strategy, so I was expecting white yogurt with fruit to mix in.  But there wasn’t any fruit at the bottom for  me to mix, it was already done for me!

What is skyr?

Nutrish Stats:










Siggi’s Icelandic Blueberry Skyr Opinion
The skyr was really good!  About as tangy and tart as plain Greek yogurt, with a definitive blueberry taste.  It doesn’t scream “I TASTE LIKE BLUEBERRY,” but has a more subtle flavor throughout.  Very unique, and very good.  4/5.
Texture: You can see how thick it is – like 2% or whole milk Greek yogurt.  It’s also incredibly creamy – 5/5.
Fill Factor:
I wasn’t very hungry for breakfast and I didn’t eat it alone, but I think it would be a great snack and was filling for a smaller breakfast with only a couple hours until lunch.  I wouldn’t eat it alone for a meal, but definitely a snack.  3/5.
Ingredients: Above is the list of what’s not in it, and here is what it does contain: “Pasteurized skim milk, agave nectar, blueberries, live active cultures, vegetable rennet.”  5/5.

I’ll definitely be buying this again!  I can’t wait to try the plain and the orange & ginger flavors I bought!  I wish they hadn’t been out of the grapefruit and acai – all of the others sound so good too.  I just wish I could afford to buy them when they’re not on sale 😦

After breakfast I headed to luxurious Tar-jay and knocked out 80% of my Christmas shopping – go me!  I also picked up some fun dishes …

Then my mom and I went out to grab lunch and run some errands.  At an AMAZING local soup/salad/sandwich place, Chef’s Table, I built my own salad:

Romaine, red onion, grilled chicken, steamed brocc, maple glazed sweet potatoes, chickpeas

Nomnomnommm .. this is my salad after I ate half of it at lunch.  I ordered fat free balsamic on the side, but didn’t end up needing it.  I also had a Diet Lemon Snapple – it had been too long, my friends.  Snapple is where it’s at.  Except nutritionally.  ANYWAY, I ate the other half of mi ensalada after a glorious stop at …


It was my first time and it was heaven.  Almost like Whole Foods.  Almost.  I wasn’t going to buy anything, just show my mom some ideas for Christmas, but then I saw this –

The Brisk Run Headband in Lolo Purple.  My ears are really the only thing (besides my hands) that I have trouble keeping warm on runs lately.  I figured $14 wouldn’t cause too much damage to my ever-dwindling bank account.  Then I was drawn to the pants wall .. and the Wunder Under pant, specifically.

Except the new version with the “Groove” waistband, white and black manifesto, to be exact.  The sales woman was super nice and I FIT INTO A SIZE 4 and my mom and the sales woman told me they looked good and my mom gave me some money towards them and I haven’t been a size 4 since middle school.  So I will be debuting and reviewing them tomorrow!  I’m actually wearing them now because I get super excited about new $82 leggings – I am ridiculous but I’m okay with that.  I know they’ll never fall apart and perhaps spending such an insane amount of money on running leggings will motivate me to use them.  I intend to break them in with some yoga after dinner, because it has been FAR too long and wearing Lulu makes me feel like I should be doing some yoga.

After a couple more stops, we were finally home and I snacked on this apple:

On Santa!  One of my goodies from Target.  He really looks like this:

Time to go harvest some crops …