At Whole Foods while picking up my cake and some supplies for my grandma who’s sick, I obviously hit up the salad/hot bar:


My box contained:

  • Mesclun greens
  • Steamed brocc
  • Red onion
  • Roasted eggplant
  • A hard-boiled egg
  • Dried cranberries
  • Peas
  • Piece of fajita turkey
  • Piece of chicken provencal

The hot bar at the Westport Whole Foods is pretty small and I was a little disappointed – there weren’t any marinated mushrooms (best thing ever) and the sign for roasted cauliflower (second best thing ever) was out, but suspiciously looked like green beans almondine. There isn’t any hummus out to use as a topping/dressing and my chicken provencal was definitely curried chicken. Not complaining since it was good, but how hard is it to label correctly?? The fajita turkey wasn’t good at all, I took a bite and left the rest. The roasted eggplant was the best part – I wish I had added more!

Out of the corner you can see a tiny bit of my drink – Hint water in mango-grapefruit. It’s definitely fruity, but not overpowering and not sweet at all – in a good way. It’s very refreshing, calorie and everything else-free. This flavor reminds me of summer! Yum!

On the way home, my mom and I stopped at Anthropologie to pick out my presents!

913960_069_b.jpg 913432_066_b.jpg

Major sale! Plus a belt that’s not online.

Apparently ginorm salads are not fuel enough for an Anthropologie sale and as soon as we got to the car, I scarfed down a granny smith I had in my purse for such snacking emergencies.

Dinner was Japanese at Sakura, in Westport. I started off dinner with a glass of shiraz and some miso soup. For my entree, I ordered the combination bento box with shrimp and scallops:


Clockwise from upper left:

  • Pineapple and orange slices
  • Iceberg salad with amazing ginger dressing
  • Seaweed salad
  • Teriyaki scallops and veg
  • Picked things
  • Teriyaki shrimp and veg

Demolished. For reals, everything was gone. Minus the middle pickled things, including all the onion slices and miniscule carrots in the teriyakis. SO DAMN GOOD. I also had a few chopsticks full of my side of brown rice, but not a lot at all.

Home and time for cake! All natural carrot cake from Whole Foods:

P1020179.JPG   P1020180.JPG

What was left after 6 people had a slice.

It was a small cake (I don’t like leftover cake) and so so delicious! It was so moist – dense but light – if that makes sense? So rich and amazing. The cream cheese frosting was probably the best I’ve ever had – exactly what it is supposed to taste like – sweet and creamy, with a slight tang. Drool.

The Just Desserts bakery, based in San Francisco, uses all natural ingredients, no trans fats, and bakes all their cakes from scratch! It honestly tasted like it had been baked fresh at WF, so they obviously know what they’re doing.

I really wanted another piece, but that was the wine/sugar high talking. After letting the cake settle, I was stuffed. Seriously the fullest I’ve been in a while. Ick. I can definitely tell the difference between healthy-food-full and sugar-coma-full. But it was my birthday and so worth it!

Check out what my dogs got me:


They eat carrots. A lot of carrots. So my mom and stepdad cut one in half and wrapped it in saran wrap as my dogs’ present to me. This is where I come from …


I started the morning off with a 20 minute YogaDownload.com podcast of Yoga for Runners and ate a tummy-cleansing breakfast:

P1020184.JPG P1020183.JPG
Coffee with skim and TruVia, 0% plain Chobani with frozen blueberries, half a banana, and Kashi Heart to Heart

Gym later, when it stops snowing. Yes, it’s snowing again. Starting my countdown to Ft. Lauderdale now.


Hola Bloginistas!

It’s been a while, yes? Finals do that sort of thing to people.

Because my eats have been extremely boring and repetitive (hum, spin, & raisin sammies; apples; Chobsies with cereal, etc.), we’ll just skip ahead.

Yesterday was the last day of classes. I headed to the library to stake my spot early, where I had the delicioso combo of plain Chobani, MultiGrain Cheerios, and a banana with my new fave Everyday 365 Breakfast blend + skim and TrueVia. After class, my anxiety got the best of me and I headed home to study here for the weekend. I, of course, shoved lunch of the usual sandwich and a Macintosh down my throat before I headed out – in such a hurry that I forgot my toothbrush. Luckily momsicle keeps an extra in the hizzouse. Lots of abreves and nicknames today, I know. It’s how I deal.

Dinz was delish and just what I wanted:

Baked SP with black beans & Fage + WW tortilla with a plain LC wedge and SPINACH AND ARTICHOKE HUM
I’ve been DYING to try the spinach and artichoke hummus FOREVER so I was ecstatic to see the CostCo sized-tub in my fridge upon arriving home. Knew I had to try it – licked off a spoon, obvi. It’s GOOD. Although I enjoyed it in my CrackWrap, I think I prefer plain hummus on my wrap and the SpinArt (I think that was a childhood craft involving paint and a spinning machine type thing?) on pita chips or veggies.
Frank was obviously a generous addition to dinner as well.
Later on I was still full (as I knew I would be) from my baby-sized tuber but I needed something sweet so I had a comforting hot cocoa to end the night .. in my big, comfy bed. It would have been more comfortable had I remembered my 4 pillows at school. Alas, I sufficed with the 5 that decorate my bed when I’m not there. I actually just really added those and realized I sleep with 9 pillows. What is my life?
I woke up a for some reason AMAZING cup of coffee and eventually incorporated Santa into breakfast:
2 Eggo NutriGrain waffles with half a Macintosh + cinnamon

This really might be my favorite breakfast! Too bad I don’t have any waffles at school right now. But I’m home and we do here!
After typing and Groovesharking for a few hours, momma and I headed to the grocery store. We always go when I come home and while I love wandering the aisles of Whole Foods and Big Y alone, heading to Stew Leonard’s with my mom on weekend mornings is probably my favorite thing to do at home. I love my mom! High school and the beginning of college were really rough for us, but our relationship has improved so much in just the past year. Sometimes growing up is nice.
We picked up a lot of fruit and Chobani and then stopped at WHOLE FOODS! Hence my AMAZING lunch:
PC120485.JPG PC120491.JPG
Spinach bed with blankets of green beans, roasted cauliflower, dried cranberries, peas, and the best roasted mushrooms ever + a piece of fresh WW bread from Stew Leonard’s and hummus added at home. Plus Frank.

Best. Salad. Ever. Really, if this is what I had to eat everyday for the rest of my life, this salad would be it.
Now I’m drinking Candy Cane Lane, listening to Wicked (inspired by Kath listening to it lately – I was obsessed senior year of high school), and studying Abnormal Psych for Monday. Maybe heading to the gym later – skipping yesterday makes 3 days this week of being lazy, and for me, 4 is too many. But it’s finals time and if I can’t get it done, I can’t. See you later!

Sorry for being MIA yesterday, Sundays when I head back to school are always hectic!

I got up around 8 and went for one last jog in the valley – 3 miles in about 29 minutes. It wasn’t the easiest run ever – I didn’t have to convince myself to take it easy, I was just too tired to go near my normal 9:30 pace. Oh, I also had the genius idea to not eat or drink anything beforehand. My stomach wasn’t happy about that. Plus it was cold. Once you haven’t run during the winter in you know, four years, you (I) forget that the bitter cold of a New England winter makes it hard to breathe. BOO.

I came home and had some brekkie:

Pepp Farm 7 Grain Deli Flat, 3 egg whites, french onion LC wedge with Frank’s and a kiwi

Arnold is still number one – sorry Mr. Pepperidge. I packed up Marge (my car, who is large and in charge) and left a little after 11. Back to reality comfort stop: Whole Foods Glastonbury – the best I’ve been to. After spending way too much time and money, this is what I came out with:

Baby spinach, a strawberry & blueberry Chobani, 365 Breakfast Blend coffee, black beans, sweet potato, giant tub of Fage, berries, Iced Gingerbread CLif, Luna Moons in pomegranate, whole wheat wraps, Honeycrisps, carrots, AND:

I’ve only been searching for two months …

I also had this when I got back to the cizzar:

Granny stolen from home.

After dropping all my stuff off at my room, not unpacking at all discovering that someone hit/took my passenger’s side mirror at WF, I headed straight to the library. My late cubicle lunch:

Hot Bar Salad – red and green lettuce leaves, marinated mushrooms, slammin’ salmon, beet salad, eggplant salad, curry tofu, and corn.
Devoured. The salmon was indeed slammin’. As were the beets, eggplant, and mushrooms. Curry tofu – not so much. It was SOAKED in water and not that tasty. I’ve been craving Indian all week, so boo. But everything else was as delicious as it should be for a $10 salad. So after eating that around 2:30-3, I was not hungry the rest of the day. I mean it. The next thing I ate was a carrot right before bed because I thought I should eat something even though I had absolutely no desire to. Appetites are weird like that.
After leaving the library for my meeting, I obviously spent the rest of the night reading blogs and neglecting any kind of homework. Eventually I tore myself away from Google Reader, slept, woke up (God I live an interesting life), and ate this:
Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie yogurt with a cup of Multigrain Cheerios.

Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie Opinion
Good, but not like pumpkin pie. Well, maybe if it was made with 10% pie filling and 90% water. 2/5.
Texture: After not eating yogurt that didn’t originate in Greece for the past 6 months, I was dreading the watery texture of normal yogurt. But it was pretty thick and creamy! 5/5.
Fill Factor:
This breakfast held me over pretty well through a class and the gym. I wasn’t starving by the time I ate lunch 4 hours later, just normal hungry, plus I went to the gym. Guess that 1% of fat did its job. 5/5.
Ingredients: “Cultured pasteurized organic low fat milk, naturally milled organic sugar, organic caramel color, organic carrot juice concentrate (for color), pectin, natural flavor, organic pumpkin juice concentrate (for color), vitamin D3.” How can caramel color be organic? And perhaps the pumpkin juice concentrate should be for taste and not color … ? 3/5.

Spent 9 minutes on the Stair Master at the weirdly busy gym before someone left my favorite elliptical and I hopped on that thing faster than this guy:


No shame. Execept for this scene:

Lunchers at the deskie:

Spinach, raisins, and hummus on a whole wheat wrap, plus Honeycrisp and water. Why so blurry, pictures?

Then eating nothing all day yesterday caught up to me and I scarfed down a peanut butter Z-bar too fast to review it. Oh well, there’s already one in this post. It was peanut buttery. I’d buy it again. So there.
Amazing, glorious dinner:
PB300326.JPG PB300327.JPG
1/2 of a sweet potato the size of a kitten + 1/2 cup of black beans with a dollop of Daisy Fage and a buffalo Crackwich.

Nomnomnom. WHY have I waited so long to try the sp/black bean combo?
In other news:
  • I submitted my first real life job application today! Wooo for being a productive member of society!
  • This girl is hilarious. Read this, laugh, and thank me. I just want to be like her in so many ways.
  • My upper back and shoulders are so tight and sore that I will soon look like this guy:
At least then I’ll look like the 80-year old woman I am at heart. Off to watch “Intervention” and put everyone else’s senioritis to shame …

Good evening!

For lunch, I met up with my friend Nicole, of Another One Bites the Crust!  We were besties throughout much of our childhood and have kept in touch over the years.  Over hot bar deliciousness, we reminisced about the year we only ate salami and the rest of the years, in which we only ate McDonald’s.  Needless to say, we were not the healthiest of kids!  I credit Nicole with introducing me to the blog world, as hers was the first I ever read, and also encouraging me to start my own!

We met up at the new Whole Foods in Milford.  She had already been, but I was still dying to scout out the area’s newest location.  My lunchers:

Romaine, ginger carrots, beets, ginger soy tofu, dried cranberries, roasted cauliflower, hummus mountain

‘Twas delish – especially the ginger carrots and beets.  Mmm, I love beets in a salad bar salad!  Such an underrated veggie.

Overall, this Whole Foods was pretty disappointing.  It was really small and crowded.  I STILL couldn’t find the Stonyfield Pumpkin Pie yogurt, and the wall of bars was super low.  After the Glastonbury Whole Foods experiences (aka BEST.EVER.), this was only more disappointing with such greatness to compare it to.  Glastonbury has all the Larabar flavors.  Milford had maybe 8?  And we both really wanted the PB&J, but it was nowhere to be found :(.  I guess I’ll just have to make a stop on the way back to school next week …

I did come away with some goodies:

Truvia, a Luna Chocolate Peppermint bar, a Peanut Butter ZBar, and Siggi’s Icelandic Skyr in plain, blueberry, and orange ginger

I’ve seen the skyr on a couple other blogs and knew I had to try it – especially since it was 3 for $6!  This is the least I’ve EVER spent at Whole Foods ($11ish)  but the Truvia was half off!  Yay sales.

When I got home, I needed a snack.  A peanut buttery snack …

Nicole made me muffins!  Quinoa, raisin, and peanut butter muffins!  They’re so good!  I heated this little one up in the microwave for 30 seconds, which I’m sure only increased its deliciousness.  Perfectly peanut buttery, with a fun gritty texture from the quinoa, and who can resist raisins and pb?  It reminded me of a breakfast my mom and I always used to have when I was younger – an Entenmann’s bran muffin, split in half and slathered in peanut butter.  Best combo ever!  I wasn’t sure this little muffin could hold me over til dinner (I was pretty hungry), but it’s 4 hours later and I’m just getting ready for dinner.  That being said …

This has just been such a longgggg weekend – and not in the sense of having extra days off.  Friday was our initiation!!!  So now my job as pledge mommy is over :0(  But I have a lot more free time :0)  Friday’s eats were boring anyway, so the pictures will do. I did 40 minutes on the stair stepper in the morning before my class, reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma!

I love Fridays for a few reasons.
1.  It is Friday, universally loved by all.
2.  I only have two classes, and no work.
3.  It is my grocery shopping/errand day!

I really like having the time to myself on Fridays to run errands, ESPECIALLY grocery shopping – my favorite activity!  Here are most of my goodies:


Organic romaine, carrots, pepper turkey, sugar snap peas, Chobani Strawberry (x 4), Chobani Pineapple (x2), giant tub of plain Chobani, Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss, Laughing Cow Garlic and Herb, cucumber, Cortland apple (x5), Red Anjou pear (x2), bananas, stawberries, grapes, kiwi (x4), eggs, and unpictured dried apricots.

Check out the awesomeness of this ginormous Chobz:




After initiation, I woke up and made a beautiful and delicious fruit and yogurt bowl that somehow escaped the camera’s eye … Anyway, it was:

  • 1/2 c plain 0% Chobani
  • 1/4 Red Anjou pear, chopped
  • 1/4 giant Cortland apple, chopped
  • 2 big strawberries, sliced
  • 1/2 kiwi, chopped

IT WAS AMAZING.  So sorry no picture.  Don’t get too upset – I had it later on too.

For lunch, I met up with my dad and my brother for my dad’s birthday lunch (that was two days ago) at Dakota, a steakhouse.  I opted for the salad bar for my meal and it was great! .. Aside from a server who I think was on drugs.  Normal.  Again, no pic, but the ingredients were delicious and plentiful:

  • Lots of dark lettuce (maybe Bibb?)
  • peas
  • cucumbers
  • cottage cheese with dill?
  • mushrooms
  • shredded carrots
  • banana peppers
  • craisins
  • chickpeas
  • steamed broccoli
  • marinated/pickled beets
  • marinated green beans
  • marinated artichokes

It was just so great and incredibly filling.  For some reason, the only time I really eat cottage cheese is from the salad bar at restaurants.  Just something weird I noticed about myself.

After lunch, I realized I was right near Mecca (aka Whole Foods), which I haven’t been to in months = sacrilege.  Yes, I had just gone grocery shopping yesterday at Big Y.  But it was called for.  After wandering around for legit over an hour, including begging an employee to check in back for Stonyfield’s Pumpkin Pie yogurt a few more times (empty shelf = 😦 ), I came home with this:

PA240961Syngery Kombucha in Strawberry (!!), Tazo Sweet Cinnamon Spice Tea, fruit & veggie wash, 2 packets Justin’s Maple Almond Butter, 2 packets Justin’s Honey Almond Butter, a Peanut Butter and Jelly Larabar (!!!), a Honey Graham Z-Bar, 2 Spooky S’mores Z-Bars (!!!!!), and roasted red pepper hummus.

I’ve been craving almond butter, but don’t want to pay $10+ a jar so Justin’s packets were the perfect solution!  I’ve been meaning to try Kombucha and remembered that The Hungry Yogini said the strawberry is a “starter” flavor.  Too bad when I got out of the car, it fell and started spraying everywhere outside.  Oh well, it didn’t break and seems fine – I can’t wait to try it!  I tried the tea last night – it’s really good!  I put a PureVia in it and tonight I think I might add some milk just to see.

Dinner last night was another giant salad, this time from the dining hall.  Obviously, no pic.  ‘Twas:

  • Iceberg (thanks UConn, for the many vitamin-filled offerings)
  • jalapenos
  • cucumbers
  • kidney beans
  • chickpeas
  • baby corn
  • broccoli
  • artichokes
  • salsa

Yum.  I don’t know why I’ve been craving salads lately but they’re obviously not a bad thing to crave and my body just wants veggies I guess.

I was planning 5 miles yesterday, but I was exhausted from initiation and the days leading up to it, plus it was pouring all day so I just rested – and it was great.  After dinner, one of my best friends relaxed in our common room all night.  I had my new Tazo, we watched P.S. I Love You (so sad and great) and Almost Famous (favorite.movie.ever).  In between the two, I re-made my yogurt bowl from breakfast:

1/2 cup plain 0% Chobani, 1/2 kiwi, 1/4 Cortland apple, 1/4 Red Anjou pear, 2 large strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1/2 crumbled Kashi Honey Toasted 7 Grain granola plank.

From the morning edition, I added the banana and granola.  Banging.  I don’t eat pears enough.  Or kiwi.  AND I KEPT THE SKIN ON.  Delish – just like an apple!  Fibrous and chewy.


This morning we had our annual philanthropy event to benefit CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a softball tournament.  On our way over to the fields, we stopped at a different dining hall for breakfast.  No pic, but I had plain old Cheerios with skim and a banana, plus two small slices of canteloupe, and coffee with milk and Splenda.  All of the food we had all day was donated by area restaurants – pizza, wings, and calzones.  I packed lunch:

Arnold’s 100% WW Sandwich Thin with pepper turkey, Laughing Cow Light Original Swiss, and romaine – the usual.  Plus some dried apricots.

Yum-o.  Dins was another unpictured d-hall salad made up of:

  • Spinach (yay nutrients!)
  • alfalfa sprouts
  • cucumber
  • mushrooms
  • broccoli
  • salsa
  • roasted red pepper hummus (so excited – hum suspiciously disappears from the dining hall on weekends)

I also had a piece of cinnamon raisin toast (drool) with some Promise spread.  That was about two hours ago and I’m already feeling a little rumbling in my tummy :0(.  Giant salad, why did you disappoint me??

Off to snack, have our exec meeting, and go to the gym!