I did, I’m sorry.

But first – After lunch I was in a much better mood and set off to get my errands done.  After a painless trip to UPS and a very surprising quick trip to the post office, I was done!

I came home to relax and watch some TV before heading to the trail for a run.  I munched on a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie for some fuel:

AKA a chocolate chip Z Bar

I bundled up in my Lululemon Wunderunders, a long sleeve tee, a fleece, my Lululemon brisk run headband, fingerless gloves, and my winter jacket for the ride over.  I should have been tipped off when I saw a guy walking up the road with skis.  Apparently, there is no plowing of the trail in the winter.  Very sad and not okay.  But it was freezing anyway.  I had some shorts in my car, so I decided to just go to the gym where I was very productive:

  • 30 minutes on the StairMaster
  • 15 minutes on the elliptical
  • 15 at 6.0 mph on the treadmill, starting at incline 1 and upping .5 every lap

I decided that I actually didn’t want another quesadilla for dinner, as delicious as the first one was.  I knew I needed to get some veggies and whole grains in, but also had another idea.  So I decided to split dinner into two parts.  I essentially almost always do this, just “unofficially.”  I also haven’t been eating dinner until 7:30 or 8 all week which is SO unlike me.  Since I got home from the gym at 6, this worked out perfectly.  I figured that if I split up dinner into two parts, I won’t eat dinner, a large snack later, and then a smaller snack right before bed.  Maybe it will help with my sleep troubles tonight?  Dinner part one was super simple but sososo good!

WW toast with hummus and spinach + steamed brussels sprouts and green beans with salt and pepper

How can people hate brussels sprouts?? The hummus and spinach sammie was obviously delish but the brussels sprouts were the best part of the extremely green meal.

Off to make dinner part two (any guesses?) and finally get down to my Netflix stash!


Hello sunshines!

I know many food bloggers are taking part in vegan day/week, but due to the intense grocery shortage and the need to finish my delicious dairy products, I’m not one of them.  Maybe I’ll make up for it one day next week!

Once again, I woke up early to finish my portfolio that is due later today for a class.  I made my normal coffee, using my last PureVia packet.  Between my coffee and oatmeal, I’m officially out of milk.  What great timing Thanksgiving break has!

1/3 cup oats, 1/4 cup milk, 1/4 cup water, 1/2 banana cooked in & 1/2 added on top.

Plus cinnamon added after the photo shoot!

My packed lunch:

1/2 Fuji, 3/4 c blackberries, 3/4 cup raspberries + Choco Chip Z-Bar.

I just used up what was left in my berry containers that I got last night.  I ate this during my last class – soo yummy and so many flavors!

The rest of my day is really unstructured.  I’m done with class, but my sorority’s exec board (which I’m on) is taking our advisor out for dinner – but not til 7:30!  I usually get hungry around 5, so I’m thinking of eating something here and just getting a small salad at dinner?  Or maybe eating a larger snack in an hour or so, around 4, and getting a small-ish dinner at the restaurant.  I’m not sure yet, I guess I’ll wait and see how hungry I am in a little.

I also need to fit in a nap at some point because I’m going to see New Moon at midnight!!  I’m definitely going to pop some kettle corn to take to the movie and probably make some coffee around 9.  I hate when my eating schedule changes – my appetite goes crazy!

Good luck to everyone going vegan today!

We had such an exciting night in the house tonight – big sister reveal!  I was so happy as pledge mommy to hand over my girls to their bigs :0)  Initiation on Friday is going to be so amazing!

After two classes, I grabbed lunch at the Student Union to eat at work.  I got a Tuscan White Bean Salad:
Romaine Lettuce tossed with a balsamic dressing and topped with a white bean salad, crunchy green beans, grape tomatoes and spicy banana peppers.  I subbed mixed greens for the Romaine and didn’t eat the tomatoes because I hate them – but this was such a great salad.  I’d never had this option before but I’ll definitely be getting it again.  There was too much dressing on it, but not so much that it was inedible.  I just have to remember to ask for it on the side.  The white bean salad had roasted red peppers in it too – so delish.  And I LOVE green beans – I think they’re so underrated.  These ones were great too, huge and crisp, not the wimpy, pale, sad excuse for green beans they serve out of a can at the dining hall.  I couldn’t sneak a picture before I ate it at my desk butttt here’s what was left:


Yum.  I also had lunch with a Coke Zero.  Chemical yum.

During work I posted some Operation Beautiful notes in honor of Fat Talk Free Week, which we’re celebrating as a Panhellenic Community on campus.


Awkward face.

I posted a few notes in some of the women’s bathrooms in the Student Union.  They were the first ones I have ever done and I know they won’t be the last.  After I posted them, I felt SO GOOD.  I submitted them for use in Caitlin’s book!  I highly suggest posting some around work, campus, etc.  Whenever I felt a little stressed or down the rest of the day, I thought about my notes and immediately felt better.  I hope the people that found them felt as good!

I had to leave work early to bring one of my sister’s to the bus station in Hartford, and on the way back I snacked on a Clif Choco Chip Z-Bar:


As soon as I got back, I ignored the scheduled 2 miles + strength the 10k training plan calls for and went out on my gorgeous 4 mile route.  I really wanted to run 4 miles today, especially because my path goes through a residential neighborhood, along our beautiful old buildings, and through the center of campus.  I love the route, the mileage, and the great fall foliage I get to see.  I don’t think I’ll ever leave New England :0).

I don’t think I’m going to follow this training plan anymore.  My days are too hectic and unpredictable and I go with what my body wants – and it doesn’t always want what’s on the schedule.  I just need to add more strength and toning into my routine and slowly up my mileage at my own pace.

Before our weekly chapter meeting, I went to the dining hall with some of my sisters and got the exact same wrap I had last night for dinner: a whole wheat tortilla with turkey, lettuce, tomato, cucumbers, and jalapenos.  They had roasted red pepper hummus at the d-hall so I piled that and some salsa on my plate for slathering purposes.  It was amazing, as usual.  I had some cubed pineapple for dessert.  Also (surprisingly) amazing.

Blog-reading and bedtime!